Man steals dog from SLO kennel to stop euthanasia

November 13, 2015
Logan Timothy Wilson Stoffle

Logan Timothy Wilson Stoffle

A homeless man broke into San Luis Obispo County Animal Services and retrieved his pit bull mix the night before the dog was scheduled to be euthanized, according to the county sheriff’s office.

In October, a judge ruled the pit bull belonging to Logan Timothy Wilson Stoffle, 24, was a danger to society and must be euthanized. The black and brown colored pit bull mix named Sid twice attacked and bit people, causing them to go to the hospital for treatment.

The judge scheduled the euthanasia for Wednesday. Overnight on Tuesday, Stoffle burglarized the animal services center in San Luis Obispo, a sheriff’s office press release states.

At the time, the dog was being quarantined at the Animal Services Center kennel.

Authorities are now requesting that anyone who sees Stoffle and his dog call the sheriff’s office at 781-4550. Doing so will prevent others from being harmed by the dog, the news release states.

Stoffle frequents the Atascadero area, according to the sheriff’s office.

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BRAVO!!!! Since we don’t have the details about the incidents here, I’m not going to assume the worst. perhaps the people were not innocent victims. Who cares? It doesn’t, you stick up for what you love, especially if someone else is about to put them down.

People are seriously turning into little minions of the state.. assuming that there is credibility in all that you hear from authority. I hope, if they are going to kill the dog, that he bites some more of them on the ass on his way out.


Whenever I see a bum with a dog, I can’t help but feel bad for the dog.

Perhaps the owner should be euthanized…not the dog.

Aside from the obvious “penalty v. crime” issue, if an aggressive dog has, on two occasions, bitten a person, then that is a threat to the community.

The fact that the owner is homeless just makes it that more important the dog should be removed from the public because sometimes alcohol, drugs, and/or mental illness in other homeless folks who the man will encounter may act in odd or threatening ways.

Re-homing the dog to another setting puts the public at further risk for injuries.

I believe he just painted targets on both himself and his dog. Clearly a menace to society with little regard to the social contract.

What he did was wrong. That said, don’t get between a man and his dog and not expect the proverbial poo to hit the fan. There tends to be a link to some mental illness and some homeless. Take this guys dog and there’s gonna some serious implications involving this guy. Might as well lock him up forever and get it over with if they catch up to the pair. I hope they don’t.

…and if they don’t take his dog it is likely going to bite more people. Maybe it will tear a small childs face apart who is playing in the park where this guy is loitering. Sometimes you have to come between a man and his dog.

I can almost determine what SSB is trying to say. Almost. Apparently he has never had a pit bull grab onto his leg and rip it open so the fatty tissue spills out, requiring stitches. Now this homeless criminal will not only get his dog killed, thank God, he will be put away for a few months to clean the rap out of his system.