Pismo Beach man pleads guilty to counterfeiting

November 16, 2015

hand cuffs 1A 51-year-old Pismo Beach man plead guilty today to manufacturing counterfeit U.S. Currency. Kenneth Choate faces a maximum statutory penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner.

On May 31, a vendor at the Visalia Swap Meet informed law enforcement that someone was passing counterfeit money. Tulare County deputies than arrested a Visalia woman and mounted an investigation.

The investigation led to a hotel room in Visalia and the arrests of Kenneth Choate and Kathryn Wagher of Pismo Beach.

Officers contacted Choate and Wagher at the front door of the room. A search was conducted and officers found more than $30,000 in counterfeit bills, multiple printers, numerous boxes of drafting paper, and printing and cutting supplies, according to court documents.

Choate is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill on Feb. 1.

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Other countries use U.S. dollars as their only currency. Let’s use El Salvador as one example: At their banks you stand outside until the armed centuries (with shot guns) let you in. After regulating the head count inside the bank, you will find yourself waiting in line with armed centuries walking about. Keeping this threat of theft in mind, one has to wonder if counterfeiting U.S. dollars there is common place and how much migrates to the U.S.? I’m curious as to how many other countries have converted to U.S. currency and if local counterfeiters can just be exported to another country that use the same money instead of charge us to house them.

*armed sentries

Our elected Govt is the best that can be bought and paid for and it don’t like competition.

So true!

in the last ten years the federal reserve has printed $1T in new money….$30k gets you 20 years….oh wow.

this is the most ironic thing i have ever read. a man arrested for counterfeiting by the feds…..while the feds not only allow but our federal reserve chairman encourages the federal reserve to counterfeit our money supply…..oh wow.