SF sheriff faces challenge after killing of Cal Poly grad

November 2, 2015
Ross Mirkarimi

Ross Mirkarimi

Following the killing of Cal Poly grad Kathryn Steinle, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is at risk of losing reelection on Tuesday. If Mirkarimi were to lose, he would become the city’s third incumbent sheriff to fail in a reelection bid in the last 60 years. [Mercury News]

On July 1, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a seven-time felon who had been deported to Mexico five times, shot and killed Steinle as she was walking with her father on Pier 14 in San Francisco. Earlier in the year, the city sheriff’s department let Lopez-Sanchez out of jail despite receiving a detainer request from ICE.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city with a policy of not turning over inmates to ICE unless federal immigration officials have a warrant.

In March, Mirkarimi allegedly issued an order barring San Francisco jail workers from cooperating with immigration officials on detainer requests. Steinle’s parents are suing Mirkarimi, alleging the order contributed to the death of their daughter.

Since the Steinle killing, a national debate has ensued over illegal immigration. The issue is now a focal point of the San Francisco sheriff race.

Mirkarimi is facing a challenge from retired sheriff’s official Vicki Hennessy. Formerly a chief deputy sheriff and San Francisco’s director of emergency services, Hennesy has raised $286,000. Mirkarimi has only raised $109,000.

Mirkarimi, 54, launched the Green Party in California prior to changing his voter registration to Democratic. He served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for eight years before becoming sheriff in 2012.

As a supervisor, Mirkarimi introduced the nation’s first plastic bag ban ordinance. While sheriff, Mirkarimi has faced several scandals.

On New Year’s Eve in 2011, Mirkarimi bruised his wife’s arm during an argument. He pleaded guilty in March 2012 to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge and was placed on three year’s probation.

Mirkarimi said the charge was political. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee suspended Mirkarimi and tried to remove him from office permanently, but city supervisors rejected the move.

Since the Steinle killing, Mirkarimi has flunked a marksmanship test and has had his driver’s license suspended. The failed marksmanship exam prevents Mirkarimi from carrying a service weapon.

Mirkarimi’s driver’s license was suspended for failing to properly report a minor car accident. The accident occurred while Mirkarimi was driving a city vehicle.

Mirkarimi is endorsed by the previous sheriff, who served for 32 years before retiring in 2011. Mayor Lee and the county jail officers union have endorsed Hennessy.

Hennessy said the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department needs leadership and its credibility restored.

Mirkarimi said he believes in second chances.

“I’m in the redemption industry,” Mirkarimi said.


Let’s not forget who is ultimately responsible for Kate’s death. The people of San Francisco who elected the their representatives. Immigration is destroying our country. The immigrants of the past where educated in the greatness of our Country, that does not happen anymore.


A permanent underclass = ever increasing government power.

The motivation of politicians from Obama to the Republican idiots, to the Clinton crime family to the fools in San Francisco is not the good of the country or the municipality – but increasing and their own power, riches and (paid for) influence. About time people realized that.

fishing village

Elections are good! Vote him out!


The Illegal Criminal Alien-protecting mayor of Santa Maria as well as her colluding partner in crime, the SB County Sheriff, should be jailed and fined for their Anti-Citizen Sanctuary City policy.


You know what is so ridiculous about the entire concept of sanctuary cities? It makes everyone less safe…including illegal aliens. Their communities are under siege.


A county Sheriff has many responsibilities. He or she must protect and serve the people in their jurisdiction. A Sheriff also is charged with defending the folks in his county from unlawful acts by government. When state and municipal leadership decides that the constitution is null and void it’s the Sheriff that makes sure that the people in his jurisdiction are protected from bad law. This guy failed because he does not know what his main responsibility is. plus he’s a suck up! he sucks up to power and that is why he will be looking for a new job.


Hope the voters turn this usless S.O.B. out and he has to get some kind of a real job and be productive to support himself.


Oh, he will probably get a golden handshake or a great retirement package. The politicians won’t let him drown in his stupedity he knows all their secrets!

Rich in MB

Innocent Lives Matter…..



The loss of Kathryn Steinle’s life lies squarely on the shoulders of Mirkarimi. He not only should NOT be re-elected, he should be charged with accessory to MURDER.


I would concur and charge each city council member as well.


If you take your logic to the end we will need to charge George Bush (and his dad) with war crimes.

Your “logic” would also require many many sheriffs and other officials to be charged for what happened on their watch.

Or did you want to pick and choose?


You are right. GB 1 and 2 and both Clintons, B.O., Eric Holder, and a host of other traitors to the Constitution of the United States should be in prison.


If many sheriff’s have to be charged…SO BE IT!