Alleged Trump supporter arrested for plot to bomb Muslims

December 22, 2015
William Celli

William Celli

A California man purported to be a radicalized Donald Trump supporter was arrested Sunday for making explosives in his home with the intent of attacking the Muslim community. [CBS San Francisco]

On Dec. 17, police received a tip from a caller who said a man was making explosive devices and threatening to harm Muslims. Officers responded to the 5100 block of McBryde Avenue in Richmond and evacuated the Bay Area neighborhood.

The Walnut Creek bomb squad detonated a device. No one was injured, and authorities later allowed residents to return to their homes.

Police arrested 55-year-old William Celli. Officers booked Celli in the Contra Costa County Jail Sunday afternoon.

Celli’s Facebook page indicated he made the following post on Oct. 21:

“Donald trumps on again I’m happy leaders okay but this guys a great point man I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world”

Celli also reportedly wrote in a June 2014 post that he lost 30 percent of his business to Hispanics coming to the country under false pretenses and freeloading in the construction or blue collar sector. The post continued stating, “lets not talk about the welfare they suck dry.”

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Fully two thirds of all of Donald Trump’s polled supporters believe lies and the fear rhetoric that Trump regularly projectile vomits in any forum he gets an audience.

These delusional dupes, or inherent racists, are concrete in their peanut sized brains that President Obama is 1. Not a Christian, and 2. That he ( Obama ) was not born in America; and therefore would be an illegitimate president that had committed the most monumental fraud in USA history.

How does anyone of rational thinking contend with this organized idiocy ? They are not a ‘lunatic fringe’ …they are a lunatic lobby.

It’s like the Westboro Baptist Church joined forces with the Flat Earthers, the snake dancers, and the panoply of racist hate groups from KKK …neo- ( or not so neo ) Nazi’s, and prison white supremacists.

Those are the groups that the Republican Party leads and cheers on. It is who their propaganda ministers: Limbaugh, Coulter, Fox anything, and the ultra-rich enablers of the 1% and Wall Street …fill with filth and weapons.

They take the most diseased, demented minds; and set them out on missions to destroy.

This is what Republicans are.

How do intelligent people combat these morons ?

Talk to their children. Show THEM that their parents and grandparents and assorted crazy aunts, uncles, and cousins are ASSES.

The kids will know that ! And it’s really damaging and unstoppable.

Who came up with that “radicalized Trump supporter” line? You guys are funny!

I could go with the ‘radicalized’ word. Because really, what is it that ISIS is fighting against? Obama’s and his puppetmasters’ cultural imperialism is what they’re fighting against. They didn’t just start hating America. And it’s not about the American women. Women’s suffrage is 95 years old. I think we all know what Obama has been shoving down everyone’s throat. Even his beloved Kenya doesn’t want any. I’m thinking this unbalance man might not be liking Obama’s new transformation either. So maybe the question is, what really is causing the ‘radicalization’?

Nice click bait. I’ll play the game. In the case of terrorist being radicalized (i.e. pertaining mostly to Muslims) the terrorist have meet with someone within the community that radicalizes them. So are we to believe that this man has meet with some of Trump’s people or supporters? Yes this man is a wacko and needs to be dealt with but COMMON people, let’s keep all the in the correct perspective. SMFH!!

I don’t see what this Bozo has to do with Trump, but I do see that a lot of people here believe what the media says Trump said, but didn’t bother to go listen to his actual words.

PolitiFact pays attention to Trump’s ‘actual’ words, and has rated over 90% of them as not factual. The majority ( over 50% ) are FALSE or ‘Pants-On-Fire” whoppers. Only one, ONE statement of his has finally been determined as true: that Putin has 80% approval in Russia. Trump must have an affinity or inside understanding about foreign dictators.

He appears to have been schlonged by Trump

This guy is one of the cadre of ‘losers’ that Trump appeals to, and is actively courting their support.

This is what presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had to say about them, and Trump:

“So what I say to those people that go to Donald Trump’s rallies: understand, he thinks a low minimum wage in America is a good idea.

I believe we stand together to address the real issues facing this country, not allow them to divide us by race or where we come from. Let’s creat a a country that works for all of us, not the handful at the top.

What you have now is a very dangerous mom ent in American history. Our people are fearful, they are anxious on a number of levels. They are anxious about terrorism and the possibility of another attack in America.

Somebody like Trump comes along and says: ‘I know the answers ! The answer is that all of the Mexicans, they’re criminals and rapists. We gotta hate the Mexicans, those are your enemies. We hate all the Muslims, because all the Muslims are terrorists, we gotta hate the Muslims’.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. “

Bernie Sanders also said “they are all greedy(the trumps, waltons, gates, buffets, ellisons, corporations, ceo’s) now give me 90% of your income”.

Categorically false. Stop lying.

Go to .

Nowhere does Bernie call for a top rate of 90%.

The top rate was 63% in 1932. It gradually rose to 94% in 1944, when there were still more than a few patriotic rich people in America that opposed fascism.

This was the top rate for Republican Eisenhower in the 1950’s.

Then Kennedy/Johnson dropped it to 77% in ’64 and 70% in ’65.

There it remained through Nixon, Carter, and the first years of Reagan.

Reagan dropped the top rate to 50% …still higher than what Bernie suggests.

Reagan dropped it to 38.5% in 1987, which is close to where Bernie suggests today.

Bernie does say, “Enough is enough ! The top 1% …the billionaire class, CAN’T HAVE IT ALL ! “.

The ultra-rich oligarchs REFUSE to pay their fair share …their investment towards civilization and a decent world where they would still benefit greatly, and not at the expense of a degraded ‘middle-class’ ( which has all but disappeared ) and a working class mired in effective poverty and wage slavery.

The ultra-rich plutocrats WANT a demoralized, over-worked into survival subsistence, enforced ignorance through trivia and celebrity/sports circuses, and subservient slave-class ….too frightened and/or weak to stick up for themselves or what should be good.

Thankfully, “The times…they are a changin’ .” Most poor suckers won’t realize it until way after it has happened.

You act like there is a finite amount of wealth, that’s just not true. New businesses create new wealth, they do not take it from someone else. If you divided up all the money and property in the US, and dished it out evenly to everyone within a year the rich would be rich again and the poor would be poor again. You just can’t force people to change, it’s not your right.

I would like to implement your ‘experiment’.

There would be some of new-found wealth that would be profligate and soon find themselves back in desperation.

Most would be quite happy and satisfied.

The vast majority of the formerly rich would not be able to take it, and would commit suicide well before a years time passed.

Far out. I mean, like from another planet…

And based on the behavior of many who support Trump, it’s only going to get worse. Brutalizing the homeless, yelling “Light the mother&%$#@# on fire”, “shoot him” is to be expected when one utilizes hate, intolerance, misogyny, fear and lies, numerous lies to appeal to the low informed, easily led astray, and the hate mongers among us… Even within the false construct of the corrupt two wings of the one party oligarchy, Trump has become a national embarrassment… and that’s saying something considering who is running for office these days…

Every demographic study confirms those more inclined to vote for people like Obama and Clinton are more likely to commit crime and violent acts.

PLEASE provide a link to anything that remotely supports your…ahem, theory.

Look up the crime rates of certain groups that tend to vote Democrat, and look up the crime of certain groups that tend to vote Republican.

Hint: Democrats have not won a certain demographic, the majority demographic, since FDR.

I think what Kaiser Bill is saying is that 90% of African Americans voted for Obama.

Kaiser Bill says:”Every demographic study confirms”

Yet you can’t link to any real studies.

Racial confirmation bias also known as prejudice.

Would you be more fearful in East LA or Malibu? Why?

Just a guess, but you would be fearful and fearmongering where-ever you were.

Stating that certain neighborhoods with a demographic makeup are more violent than other neighborhoods is not fearmongering, it is called reality.

snakepliskin – you have the best handle…ever.

Escape from NY is cinematic gold baby!

IF he supports both Trump and the Clinton tribe he’s obviously a little off center.