Alleged Trump supporter arrested for plot to bomb Muslims

December 22, 2015
William Celli

William Celli

A California man purported to be a radicalized Donald Trump supporter was arrested Sunday for making explosives in his home with the intent of attacking the Muslim community. [CBS San Francisco]

On Dec. 17, police received a tip from a caller who said a man was making explosive devices and threatening to harm Muslims. Officers responded to the 5100 block of McBryde Avenue in Richmond and evacuated the Bay Area neighborhood.

The Walnut Creek bomb squad detonated a device. No one was injured, and authorities later allowed residents to return to their homes.

Police arrested 55-year-old William Celli. Officers booked Celli in the Contra Costa County Jail Sunday afternoon.

Celli’s Facebook page indicated he made the following post on Oct. 21:

“Donald trumps on again I’m happy leaders okay but this guys a great point man I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world”

Celli also reportedly wrote in a June 2014 post that he lost 30 percent of his business to Hispanics coming to the country under false pretenses and freeloading in the construction or blue collar sector. The post continued stating, “lets not talk about the welfare they suck dry.”

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Why raise the issue of who he may (or may not) support for president, what about his religion, or place of employment, or residence or sexual preference, or school choice or choice of dinning? One has no relationship to the other. Stupid headline!

The article raises the issue of who he supports as President. The politician that suggests we shut all Muslims from entering the US is the same politician this man says he’ll “follow to the end of the world”. Simply put, his rhetoric is dangerous because it warps the malleable minds of some of his supporters. This is a byproduct of gaining support by appealing to the fears of the gullible. Please vote down if you can’t handle the truth.

Vladamir Putin is also a Trump supporter and according to Hilary Clinton – Trump fuels the rage and recruitment of young peaceful Muslims by ISIS.

If only Obama could be president for life the world would be safe.

I disagree. The United States has had only one ‘president for life’, and that was Franklin Delano Roosevelt …elected overwhelming to four four-year terms.

And it was LIFE. He died in office. Longest serving US president in our history. With good reason.

We need another FDR today. The US would aspire and attain its highest ideals if we did choose one in the image and philosophy of FDR. A true champion of the people.

The one that embodies those ‘better’ principles today ( …FDR was not ‘perfect’ ), the one most capable of disseminating and implementing FDR’s ‘Four Freedoms’ ( 1941 ) is Bernie Sanders.

Read the ‘Four Freedoms’ speech, and see how it compares with Bernie Sanders’ transformative, fulfilling, invigorating message today.

We can fight the forces of ignorance, racism, and failure that are rampant in the cowardly nihilists that the Republicans rely upon. Then we can assuredly carry the banner of “The land of the free, and the home of the brave”, and we win.

Everyone wins.

Bernie Sanders is totally weak.

We need strength.

He let a few “Black Lives Matter” women steal his microphone and shut him up.

America needs strength. We will get that through a tough leader who is respected.

That leader is not and never will be Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is this year’s Howard Dean, another loser from Vermont high on Maple Syrup and some other stuff.

Oh pickle smoke ! You don’t want strength …you want demagoguery and loud lies: phony strength.

Bernie Sanders has real strength, because he unambiguously speaks truth to power. He had no problem calling Trump what he is: a pathological liar.

Independent PolitiFact lists Trump’s assertions at over 90% untrue, with only one statement as 100% true and five statements as ‘mostly true’.

30 statements ( 39%) are FALSE, while 16 (21%) are ‘Pants-On-Fire’ lies, they are so bad.

Loud, Dumb, and Wrong !

That’s what Republicans like about Trump, because that is what they are.

It has been proven that Hillary lied when she claimed that Trump was being by Isis for recruiting.

What is wrong with Putin? Our own Generals undercut Obama and worked with Putin and Assad to avoid disaster in Syria. It would be nice if we had a President who had a great relationship with Russia’s leader.

I was being sarcastic. I love Putin. He’s the only man left in the world with a pair of balls. Him and trump (and Hilary of course).

Slight step up in naming this criminal “radicalized”, but why not just correctly call him a ‘White Supremacist Terrorist’ ?

The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps track of ALL hate groups …no matter who they are and who the

y hate. They list 784 in 2014. Overwhelmingly, they are white racist supremacists, with 72 KKK groups and 142 Neo-Nazi groups.

With Trump blatantly spewing bigotry, racism, and xenophobia ( and the rest of the Republican field / Party playing me-tooism or lip-service tolerance ) it would be unsurprising if these numbers haven’t risen.

And it is false equivalency …a lie, to say that all political organizations and individual candidates have ‘their share’ of extremist supporters.

The bulk of violent nationalists and criminal fringe groups and actors are authoritarian / totalitarian / reactionary / ultra-right-wing ‘conservatives’.

If you want to be scared …these are the ones to be scared of.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a left wing hate group. A total joke of an organization who pad their salaries by sending out fliers to little old ladies about non-existent Brownshirts who are ready to take over America.

Quite obviously, I don’t give a damn what you think about the SPLC.

And I balance this by stating unequivocally that today’s Republican Party is a hate group ….and one that is swiftly approaching death-cult status ala Jim Jones, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians.

And I’m not the only one that thinks so:

This article was written in 2011, and the predictions contained are becoming all too true.

Republicans are the same as Jim Jones.

OK, someone is drinking too much kool aid, and it is You.

How convenient CCN, you left out his face books posts about supporting Hillary for president. This is why you are a joke now

I’m tired of those freeloading Mexicans too. All they do is take our jobs. You won’t believe what I saw…a whole bunch of them digging ditches in some field….some were our picking produce under the hot sun…and 2 of them insist on coming to my house every week to mow my lawn. Damn freeloaders.


Go to the ER!

How dare they get sick. Now they are taking our germs. We should build a wall around the hospital and make them pay for it,

Is this the people you saw working?

Why are illegal immigrants good for American workers?

It might be good for YOU to have cheap lawn care, but it is not good for American workers to have their wages lowered by illegal immigrants.

Alleged Trump supporter


Why would you try and make this about Trump? Every Presidential candidate is going to have crazy supporters.

No doubt there are nuts who support each candidate.

This man is mentally disturbed.

He lost 30% of his business to workers but, they’re on welfare. wow. I know “Those LAZY Mexicans, are stealing our jobs”

The new face of terror, I’ll coin the phrase MAWG’s……middle aged white guys.

So when an Obama Supporter Robs a Bank are we going to play the Game that A “Radicalized Obama Supporter”…..sheesh….CCN this is The National Enquirer type of Yellow Journalism.

You should be embarrassed.

Oh fergawdsake Rich: that’s a straw man argument, totally unsupported by fact…sheesh…try again.