Animal abuser released to immigration agents

December 19, 2015
Duanying Chen

Duanying Chen

A man who abused his girlfriend’s puppy so severely it had to be euthanized was released Friday from the Santa Barbara County Jail into the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE).

On May 14, 2014, Santa Barbara police responded to a Central Coast veterinary clinic where a 5-month-old male Doberman pinscher puppy was being treated for broken bones, infections and burns over 80 percent of his body. A few weeks earlier, Chen had assaulted his girlfriend; strangling her until she nearly lost consciousness, police said.

In May, Duanying Chen pleaded guilty to two felony counts of animal cruelty, felony assault, witness dissuasion, and violating a court order and was sentenced to one year in the Santa Barbara County Jail. Because of good behavior, he was scheduled for early release mid-December.

On Friday, because an ICE detainer was in place, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office released Chen directly into ICE custody.

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He was probably just looking to eat the dog eventually.

Not enough time. This man will be taken to Mexico, released and return to the US. He needs to do time in the US. Not someone I want in this county, or anywhere for that matter.

Being deported means being sent back to your country of origin. Chen will be going back to whatever country in Asia he originated from. He won’t be going to Mexico. If he goes at all.

He isn’t Mexican.

Punishment for cases such as this should be simple.

Do to him what he did to that innocent animal.

That’s fair.

I love the eye for an eye concept.

Hoo – f -ing ray. Maybe our government is listening to the majority instead of the bleeding heart minority. DEPORT the s.o.b.

They are not. An illegal immigrant is protected from murdering people, they just better not hurt puppies or cause global warming. Then they are in big trouble,

Now that we can get animal abusers deport, let’s start working on getting human abusers deported also!

Let’s start by removing our abusive, violent, leaders from office. Fire Adam Hill in ’16.

It appears he’s not only an animal abuser, he abuses humans as well. And for these horrific, reprehensible crimes, he gets a year in county jail? Disgusting. It’s just a matter of time before he re-commits.

Another prime example of a (fill in the blank). Abusing a defenseless puppy should have the penalty of losing certain body parts, but instead gets you ‘deported’.

Anybody want to wager a small sum on how long it will be before this outstanding example of homo sapian filth returns to this country? Less than 1 year.

Catxh and release…..

ICE will just let him go. You know it, I know it, and HE knows it.