County shuts down illegal gambling in Oceano and Nipomo

December 4, 2015

Two gambling operations were shut down this week after San Luis Obispo County officials determined they were operating illegally.

After receiving multiple complaints of drug use and prostitution in the area around the Cyber Wave Cafe’s at 1945 Front Street in Oceano and 505 Orchard Road in Nipomo, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department hosted a town hall meeting on Oct. 27. Supervisor Lynn Compton, Sheriff Ian Parkinson and District Attorney Dan Dow listened as members of the public expressed their concerns.

Compton and Parkinson then worked together to research the complaints. As part of the investigation, Parkinson sent undercover officers to the cyber cafes.

After reviewing the operation, investigators determined the cafes were operating illegally.

County officials then contacted the out of area owner and informed him he was operating an illegal gambling business. The owner immediately agreed to shut down his Cyber Wave Internet Cafes in Oceano and Nipomo.

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When will they shut down their Illegal Pension Ponzi Scheme?

dont steal the government hates competition

justbeware: I share your angst with some of the political idiots we have inherited. Who they campaigned as and who they turned out to be is ridiculously different (Adam Hill-Bruce Gibson are the poster children here).

I would reframe my earlier comment this way: Despite the personal and organizational dysfunction of so many local agencies, government and non-profits (i.e -CAP-SLO), the DA and Sheriff managed to listen and take action.

I think bringing down the corrupt elected officials may take a little longer, but inaction over time will suggest they are part of the problem. I hope not.

I drive by daily. I was wondering how people can sit in front of a computer screen for HOURS a day there “Playing online” but it be legal and, how much could someone pay that looked unemployable? How is it the cost of the investment and all of the goods that go into having a business can be supported by the dregs of humanity sitting there , mouth open eyes fixed to a monitor? I’m not accusing, I’m asking. I’m not an advocate for sex workers but leave them alone. They’re a needs based sale. Also, if you buy a dinner, a car, a house etc. for sex. No problem, but if you hand over a single dollar it’s a crime.

Leave the hookers, remove the gamblers. One’s a convenience, the other an addiction. Either way, someone is getting screwed.

justbeware-In the mean time, let’s acknowledge the DA and Sheriff for listening, and taking action.

Let’s not miss that.

I’m with you on that JB.

I want the DA to be listening when it comes to elected officials, not just an internet café in Oceano.

I was wondering what was going on in that Oceano location. That place has been open for a long time with virtually zero traffic aside from an occasional transients bicycle sitting out front then all of a sudden I started seeing lots of traffic in there. Many cars parked around the building, something radically changed. This explains it!

Stay classy, Ochee-anoh!

They used to take EBT cards I am told. Internet poker and you can pay with tax dollars! I bet you can get your dime bag of dope in there while you play. Glad that crap hole will be gone.

Illegal activity in Oceano? Oh no, say it isn’t so!

The corruption in our area isn’t exclusive to the private sector–we need to clean house throughout the entire county. Let’s start with our elected officials.