Despicable display of local journalism

December 17, 2015


When tragedy strikes a small town, it’s ripple effect inherently attracts media coverage. The community’s curiosity is piqued, for better and for worse. Media often acts as the facilitator of information, a megaphone for a community seeking answers necessary to heal.

Great journalists even act as watchdogs, uncovering truths and applying appropriate pressure to resolve devastating loose ends.

Learning that less than 12 hours post-mortem, KSBY was at the victim’s family home in the horrific Paso Robles car accident, made me sick. I can’t even bring myself to watch the footage of a friend and wonderful central coast resident in her most heart broken moment, grieving the loss of her twin.

And the beloved Tribune? Don’t think you’re absconded from guilt either. Facebook messaging multiple people directly affected just hours after this loss of life is pathetic. Did you troll the Facebook pages of those in the accidents to find them? Classy.

You both should be ashamed.

The fact that either of these outlets consider this “journalism” is deplorable. What happened to tact and ethics? The family and friends mourning the atrocity are not breaking news, they are not click bait, they are human beings. Remember that.


Savannah Peterson is a 2005 Morro Bay High School graduate

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I have stood outside a burnt down house on a cold winter morning in San Miguel. A woman stood outside shrouded in blankets. Her husband had ran back into the burning home to try and save their two dogs when the house collapsed on them, killing them.

As the wife stood there shaking and grieving, I stood with a microphone. KSBY stood nearby with microphone and camera. None of those were pointed at the victim. She was left with friends while we waited to interview first responders.

What’s more disgusting to me, is that people don’t learn. In a way, self-driving cars may be better for us.

While I don’t think the media need to run to the house and shove a mic in one’s face or ask for a quote, I do not have a problem with them trying to find a name (after family has been properly notified and if done with humility) to release to the public. I’m sure many went reading to see if it might have been a co-worker, friend etc. that may take awhile to get out information about through normal (telling people they know) channels, so that they to could send condolences to families if it might have been someone they had known.

Let’s be honest, I see these and think, is this someone I know or loved one of someone I know. That isn’t voyeurism that is caring and worrying about our friends and loved ones.

Ms. Peterson…This is how the news media has worked since the free press existed. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Very simple!

My prayers go out to the family of the victims.

Today’s journalism mantra…If it bleeds, it leads. Shameful.

Today’s? Always has been. Heard that as a kid.

It’s time to remove Adam Hill from office. For information on how you can help Fire Adam Hill in 2016, go to It’s time.

Supply and demand. People are morbid and they disregard others’ privacy–but they watch the news and you rarely hear viewers bemoaning the content. That is just the way it is-the way our system works. It is the twisted nature of the beast.

The beloved Tribune is a bought out political machine. They do not cover any of Adam Hill’s corruption because they are Team Adam Hill. Follow the $. What the…?

Was that really necessary? How about taking the high road? How about helping this site continue to establish its popularity and legitimacy, rather than giving AO more fuel for his fire?

This is an opinion piece. It does not represent the view of Cal Coast News reporters and editors.

The Tribune runs editorials far worse than this. Just look at the weekly soap box they have given that manlet Tom Fulks to call anyone who attacks his buddies right wing jackboot Nazis.

Tom Fulks is a spin doctor and is clearly in bed with Adam Hill. It is a very naughty relationship.