Diversity group, Cal Poly president march together

December 4, 2015

Cal Poly diversity marchCal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong marched Thursday alongside a student group threatening his job. Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and supporters marched in solidarity with the cause “Cal Poly is no place for hate,” according to the university.

Matt Klepfer, the leader of student group SLO Solidarity, called for the march after receiving a death threat on Tuesday. On Monday, SLO Solidarity sent a list of 41 demands to Cal Poly administrators.

The demands include mandatory women’s and gender studies or ethnic studies courses for students in every major and a cultural sensitivity class on privilege, oppression, culture, society and campus climate. SLO Solidarity is also demanding gender-neutral or co-gender bathrooms and living quarters within campus dorms.

Likewise, the diversity group is demanding a dramatic increase in the hiring of tenure-line “faculty of color.”

Matt Klepfer

Matt Klepfer

“If these demands cannot be met, we will demand a new administration which will treat underrepresented students with equity and make Cal Poly a place where everyone is equally empowered to obtain a high quality education,” SLO Solidarity stated in its letter to administrators.

Video of Thursday’s march shows students chanting, “We received a threat. What don’t you get?” Armstrong was walking at the front of the crowd and directing the route of the march, video shows.

At the conclusion of the march, Armstrong addressed a crowd at the University Union plaza.

“Extremely proud of the Cal Poly community coming together today for the No Place for Hate march,” Armstrong stated later in a tweet.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx and Councilman John Ashbaugh also attended the March. So did San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Debbie Arnold.

The threat Klepfer received came in a Facebook message from a profile with the name Mordecai Shekelburg. The message included a jab at Jews.

“The day of the rope will be coming soon, and you people will be the first to go. If you don’t like how it is in this town, you can all go somewhere else. We have a nice thing going here, and if you fuck with that you’re going to have some pretty angry young white man on your hands. Kike.”

In addition to leading SLO Solidarity, Klepfer is also president of the Cal Poly Queer Student Union. He studies political science, women and gender studies and music at the university.

Cal Poly administrators say they will propose policy changes before the current quarter ends later this month.

Protests over race relations at the University of Missouri recently led to the resignations of the chancellor and campus president.

Armstrong speaking at the rally

Armstrong speaking at the rally


This kid is a real class act. He can’t get people to think like he wants so he is going to blackmail the university into forcing all students to take classes teaching his agenda. This is the biggest bunch of B.S. i have ever heard of.


Shame on Armstrong and Debbie Arnold for even giving these kids the time of day. This is nothing more than a bunch of over privileged, spoiled children looking for attention. This crap is straight out of the ACORN community activist playbook. These kids should be locked in a room and forced to watch Orwell’s 1984 until they are reduced to tears. Then maybe these idiots would understand that what they are doing will never lead to anything good. First lesson in life: not everyone is going to agree with you or like you. Get over it!


First, the Facebook posting stinks of a hoax. It’s happened too many times on the campuses nurturing our soft little pipsqueeks. Second, here’s what Armstrong should have said: http://www.okwu.edu/blog/2015/11/this-is-not-a-day-care-its-a-university/


OMG, and we think the terrorisst are the problem. Remember, Obama, a Consitution Professor (hahahahahah) taught at Harvard and undoubtedly help create this mentality. What a bunch os pansies! Thank God we still have men in the USA protecting this Country in spite of the abuse they have to tolerate from these pansies. Anyone hear that cop the other day when escorting people out of the building and they were afraid and he told them not to worry, he would take their bullet. Then we have to read this crap!


Obama’s vision for America. Enlist 1,000s of community agitators, if they are not sympathetic enough figures, make up death threats to earn them sympathy.

Classify anyone who disagrees as a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. Attempt to implement criminal penalties for those actions. While all of this is going on, transform the country to a muslim society when no one is looking.

This president has done a wonderful job uniting this country!

Note that this kid is a Political Science major. He understands politics.




Don’t worry, climate change we solve everything!


Good Lord!

Quit your whining, put your big girl and boy pants on, and get your @ss in class.

We are raising generations of chronic cry babies who want nothing more than a world of feel good freebies. The only thing these fluff balls are going to be good for is public sector cushy PC jobs–the private sector can’t afford such incompetence.


We pay Armstrong approx $400K/yr and the faculty and staff get good salaries; and this is what they do?!! Good god. I knew Cal Poly had a problem with drunken frat boys and sexual assault; but a hotbed of racism and discrimination is a very mighty stretch. Time to privatize the U, go find your own money


What a cast of clowns. What do you want to bet they marched around and people just ignored them and then they stood in the foyer and lectured to nobody but themselves. I’m sure they are all very impressed with their self declared importance.

You’ve heard of the bridge to nowhere? Well, now we have the movement to nowhere.


The “death threat” was the best thing to happen to the movement to fuel the flames of emotion. Which side created the “death threat”? Are all the marchers being played?

Obviously, Armstrong is forced to march along with the rest in order to keep his job. He’s smart in that he sees other administrators dragged into the debate on other campuses and becoming innocent targets of their wrath. Just like the French Revolution.

Josh Payne

“Unions have created this entitlement mentality and now we all have to deal with it.” What do you mean by that? Like minimum wage laws and child labor laws? Why don’t you go buy a new keyboard and think long and hard about the moronic statement you just made.


That was 70 years ago, and yes, I think they did a great. just and concern job back in the day, especially for women and children. But now, they have become so powerful they have corrupted our education system, our political system, our government, etc. Their mantra is outlived and they are like corporations. greedy power grabbers and totally corrupt and if you don’t thin so you are living under a rock, In reality, they are no different than the NRA with their own agendas. Let’s all be honest look at Washington DC and Sacramento and we can all see our government is totally corrupt, indept and no longer serve its citizens. This is not party based as they are all corrupt!


Allowing government employees to unionize was the single, most stupidest thing we’ve done as a society. There really is no reason for them to be unionized, there’s no “other side of the table” to bargain with; hence, they basically just give themselves whatever and the “management” get more to reflect that they should get more than the standard “union” employees. It’s a vicious cycle, and not a single responsible person ever shows up to the table to be the adult in the room.

Unions are just fine for the private sector, some still needed, others enjoyed, etc. It’s a good back-and-forth between the creators of wealth (employees and management) and if too much is given up, the company goes belly-up. Government just raises your taxes and applies hollow fees everywhere.

I’m still amazed people do not grasp this.


What a bunch of losers from the Administration to the loose canons. Unions have created this entitlement mentality and now we all have to deal with it. Thank you we yave real men and women in this Country that know how to take care of themselves, work hard for what they get and aren’t on these pity trains. A couple of years ago I stopped all donations to anything doing with unions. I am a native of SLO and a graduate of Cal Poly and Cuesta. I no longer support anything to do these schools, support nothing from kids for their schools (do support sports associations as long as schools don’t control it), vote no on every tax, fee, bond and have no confidence in the future of these misguided minions.


Sorry my keyboard is not working right this morning…Must go get another, again!


Sorry Birdman but i do not see how this has any relationship to unions. This is more the nanny state stuff and helicopter parents if you want to blame somebody. Government unions can be critized, IMHO, but workers unions have my vote as some pretty good folks


IMHO, ALL unions typically support the nanny state mentality at the voting booth.


And at least for a few more years we are allowed to have an opinion, i respect yours and guess what my feelings were not hurt!