Driver hits mom pushing stroller in Lompoc

December 17, 2015

ambulance 4A mother narrowly avoided tragedy in Lompoc Wednesday morning when a driver failed to avoid the woman and her baby. The driver collided with both the mother and the stroller holding her 11-month-old child. [KEYT]

The mother was pushing the stroller across an Oceano Avenue crosswalk. She was walking south in the east cross walk, and she had the right of way when the vehicle collided with them, police said.

Police received multiple 911 calls about the accident around 10:24 a.m. Responders took both the mother and the child to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The child was properly strapped into the stroller when the accident occurred. That prevented the baby from suffering significant injuries, police said.


“she had the right of way when the vehicle collided with them”

That “right of way” nearly cost them their lives. Not to pedestrians, stop walking across streets, in or out of crosswalks, if you are not certain the oncoming drivers see you and are stopping. Those crosswalk lines are NOT concrete barriers. You may have had the right of way and the driver may have been at fault, and you and your child almost ended up dead…but you would have been dead RIGHT.


Thank goodness no one was significantly hurt. I feel bad for the driver, it’s a terrible thing to live with – but they lived and are, essentially, fine! An old family friend once hit a child (on crutches, no less) and unfortunately killed them. They never got over the grief, as I am sure the child’s family didn’t, too. It was a very tragic accident and prevented this family friend from driving for many years because of the psychological damage.


What?: check. Where?: check. When?: check. Who?? Why??