Family of five dies in Bakersfield plane crash

December 21, 2015

planeFive members of a Northern California family died Saturday when their small plane crashed in an almond orchard near Bakersfield. Both parents, two daughters and a son died in the crash. [Mercury News]

The family was flying from San Jose to Las Vegas. A family friend identified the parents as Gilroy residents Jason and Olga Price. Jason Price, a former Civil Air Patrol pilot, was flying the plane.

On Saturday afternoon, Price called in a panicked Mayday to the Federal Aviation Administration. At the time, the plane was flying more than 250 mph, which is considered very fast, even for the high-performance Piper PA32 Turbo Lance aircraft Price was piloting.

The plane turned toward Bakersfield Airport, but it went off course and descended quickly and steeply from 15,000 feet. After the crash, debris scattered for a quarter mile.

The National Weather Service reported rain and clouds were in the area when the plane flew off the radar. Aviation authorities warned earlier in the day of icing above 5,000 feet.

The FAA is still investigating and has not announced a cause of the crash.

Bakersfield pilot Brad Pinnell said the two most likely causes would be tail icing or structural failure. Pinnell said he canceled a flight to San Luis Obispo earlier in the day because of the weather.

Jason Price was an engineer at Genesis Solutions in Gilroy, according to his LinkedIn profile. In the late 1990s, he led teams and served as a machinery technician in the U.S. Coast Guard. He also offered disaster and humanitarian relief while serving as a pilot with the Civil Air Patrol.

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Amazing. An entire family was killed in a horrific plane crash. And the ensuing comments? [Most], assinine. Heartless. What a society we have become. Sick.

To the loved ones who have been terribly affected by this tragedy; God bless all of you and may Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior comfort all of you during this unimaginable time.

We are looking for the plane truth!

You should be looking for forgiveness for the insensitive, insulting remark

I’d bet Rime Ice causing loss of aircraft control, over-stressed the airframe and it came apart on the way down. Horrible loss.

Could his plane have been tampered with? Looking at Jason’s facebook page, I see he was an outspoken conservative. Wonder if someone wanted to get rid of him.

Really? Give the family a break and save the conspiracy for when there is some real evidence.

Paranoia strikes deep

What a ridiculous suggestion. Don’t forget to wear your tinfoil hat.

What a cheap shot! You should be ashamed of yourself.

Condolences to the family and loved ones.

if we only had a CAP (California Airway Patrol) …..these people could have been saved….

Very strange comment.

i am sure more government could have prevented this.

I doubt that any level of sarcasm regarding this tragedy is not appreciated by anyone, particularly the family or loved ones.

Get a life. Troll.