Hill excoriates media as shooting cause

December 2, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill believes blame for the San Bernardino massacre can be laid at the feet of “hate media.”

Writing on his Facebook page, “Team Adam Hill,” the District 3 supervisor even named four local media outlets as examples of his theory.

Hill’s Facebook post:

“Regarding the latest tragic shooting, I think we make a mistake by focusing only on guns instead of looking at the derangement of our culture. Every day poison is spread through public discourse by on-line blogs, AM radio, and certain cable news programs.

“These outlets take advantage of the community by lying to them, vilifying people, and encouraging sadistic, paranoid, and violent thinking. This is not being properly addressed.

“And it needs to be. Because this occurs locally too and our indifference is part of the problem.

“It’s understandable that people are afraid to challenge the purveyors of local hate, but do we have to wait until we experience something terrible before we do?”

In response to a reader’s comment, Hill added, “Here, we can refuse to allow ourselves to be manipulated by local hate media like KVEC, KPRL, KKJL, and CCN.”

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wowa…..wait a minute……what about petetit…..dont let this goon distract u


He’ll get re-elected. The ones who make the decisions for the Dem voters have decreed it so, and so it shall be.

Thomas A

Hill’s illegal actions have already created enough media that the snowball effect will surely conclude his disservice. Dump Adam Hill for San Luis Obispo County Supervisor District 3.


WHOA PEOPLE!!! MR. Hill is right. It is looking like this is a case of hate BUT just wrong side of how he wants to play it. In his haste to jump on this days events, he jumped to soon as now as the evening progresses the possibility of terrorist connection (suspect two from Qatar) is becoming more possible.

Now speaking of POSSIBLE, IF this plays out this way can we get Mr. Hill to pull his head out of his hindside and start calling things for what they are? Sadly his head has been there so long, I find that an impossibility.


People and media outlets that tolerate and/or encourage hate, bigotry, racism, prejudice, violence, and character assassination are not legitimate. They are PROPAGANDA, that are either inciting criminal behavior because that fits their warped and toxic mindset; or they are looking to profit somehow by providing a ‘free speech’ forum for the diseased adherents of such destructive and retrograde uncivilized attitudes.

The jew-baiter racist Jules Streicher publisher that helped build the Nazi death-cult and war machine never killed anyone personally.

He was tried for WAR CRIMES at Nuremberg, and hung by the neck almost immediately after.

It’s past time that decent and intelligent people recognize the cancer that is incipient fascism ( based on racism and white privilege ) that exists TODAY in these so-called United States.

Godwin is not an excuse, or a protection for the worst among us, or a ‘right’.

I know that many that read and comment here openly detest Adam Hill. ( PS: for you morons…I am not him, nor am I one of his close associates. ).

I have not agreed with all that Supervisor Hill has said or advocated; but on this, he is spot on.

He may have some personal grievances that reflect in this observation.

I do not. I only know that there are domestic enemies that are enemies of democracy and freedom, and that truly GOOD Americans will deal with them like our fathers and grandfathers did with Nazi monsters.

Mr. Holly

“Here we can refuse to allow ourselves to be manipulated by local hate media like KEVC, KPRL, KKJL and CCN”. Didn’t he forget Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson on the BOS?

This guy has only one good vote left in him and that would be for the proposed mental treatment center in Templeton. His admittance to that center should be the last kick back that he gets.


The psychological term for what Hill does – accuse others of the very thing YOU do – is projection. Listen to or read Hill and you will find it in almost every case.


I thought the same thing as I read his words.

Kaiser Bill

Maybe Adam Hill actually believes the BS he’s spewing, like those kids at Cal Poly yesterday who protested against free speech. Because some free speech can be “hate speech.” After all, Adam Hill did come from that ivory tower on Grand Avenue.


Heres your cause, Supervisor Hill:

Syed Farook named as suspect. Father speaks out.


Kaiser Bill

Yeah Adam Hill, its right wing radio, Dave Congalton, and CCN who cause these shootings, not Islamic radicalism.


And what do you think causes Islamic radicalism? You’re going to have to dig deeper for your cause. Just going to back to 9/11 isn’t going to give you a clear picture.


Good question.

I go back further to religious fanaticism / fundamentalism.

They’re all crazy. Doesn’t matter what sect, tribe, splinter, faction, cult, congregation, or organized money machine they claim providence and protection from.

They’re all LIARS, SINNERS, and CONMEN.

They’re all in it for THEMSELVES …in one way or another .

The ESSENE ( NOT Jew, NOT Christian ), Jesus Ben-Joseph was this way ( well, most of the time ).

HE may not have been PERFECT, but was the most perfect up until that time;


You hypocrites and idolators ( not you mkaney, I don’t know you ) will soon know the WRATH of GOD that spares NO ONE.

I’m hot-dialing Brother Ted as I write.

Kaiser Bill

“And what do you think causes Islamic radicalism?”

The Koran.


A workplace gripe, an unstable personality, and easy access to weapons of war.

The criminal/terrorist’s name is incidental. He was raised an American, lived here for years, and went psycho ( we don’t know exactly WHY, yet ).

Still, he had access to high-powered killing machines.

As did Robert Dear ( white guy ) that killed 3 in Colorado Springs over the weekend ( One a cop, another an Iraqi War vet ).

As did racist Dylan Roof ( white guy ) that killed 9 in a Charleston, SC church.

As did Christopher Harper-Mercer ( white guy ) that killed 9 in Roseburg, OR.

As did James Holmes ( white guy ) that killed 12 at an Aurora, CO theatre.

As did Jared Loughner ( white guy ) that killed 6 and wounded 13 others while trying to assassinate Representative Gabby Giffords.

As did Adam Lanza ( white guy ) that murdered 20 grade school children and 6 teachers in Newtown/Sandy Hook, CT.

As did Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris ( both white guys ) that murdered 12 schoolmate and one teacher in Columbine, Co.

There’s many more. of fewer but no less tragic numbers.

OH, and there is Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols ( YEAH …Both white guys ! ) that killed 168 and injured more than 680 in the Oklahoma City bombing.

NOW, who should good people be wary of ? Who should we take a thousand miles out to sea, throw overboard, and say, ” You’re a libertarian Superman ! Good luck. Swim home! “.


This may be of interest to those that may want to read something that explains better than Slows usual rant and hate of everything not liberal.


Hey if you have time to Slow you may want to read and get a BETTER understanding rather than your usual rants.

Kaiser Bill

That CNN article is garbage. It tries to say whites are more prone to mass shootings with the stat that 64 percent of shootings were committed by whites. That is a misleading stat, as whites are more than 64 percent of the population.

Most of these mass shooters are mentally ill and race had very little to do with it.


Is this the same guy that physically threatened a local city council member, and whose friends include felonious woman beaters?

Kaiser Bill

The same guy who write a letter several paragraphs long full of insults and invective against his opponents.

June can’t come soon enough. Then this guy can take his tuchus back to Jersey.


And take the gift card hussy with him.

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