Hill excoriates media as shooting cause

December 2, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill believes blame for the San Bernardino massacre can be laid at the feet of “hate media.”

Writing on his Facebook page, “Team Adam Hill,” the District 3 supervisor even named four local media outlets as examples of his theory.

Hill’s Facebook post:

“Regarding the latest tragic shooting, I think we make a mistake by focusing only on guns instead of looking at the derangement of our culture. Every day poison is spread through public discourse by on-line blogs, AM radio, and certain cable news programs.

“These outlets take advantage of the community by lying to them, vilifying people, and encouraging sadistic, paranoid, and violent thinking. This is not being properly addressed.

“And it needs to be. Because this occurs locally too and our indifference is part of the problem.

“It’s understandable that people are afraid to challenge the purveyors of local hate, but do we have to wait until we experience something terrible before we do?”

In response to a reader’s comment, Hill added, “Here, we can refuse to allow ourselves to be manipulated by local hate media like KVEC, KPRL, KKJL, and CCN.”

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CCN, KVEC, KPRL and KKJL must be doing something right!

Seems to me the cause was Muslim extremism and political correctness. Time to start fighting back America, before its too late.

And probably a good idea not to elect any more Muslim presidents.

Achilles, you are knee jerking to the fear just like they want you to…..keep the war going along with all our tax dollars going to the creators of weapons and the means to deliver them. This is nothing more than big business making billions of dollars (our tax dollars mind you) by keeping us all thinking we need “TO FIGHT BACK”! It is all bullshit. Fear is not real, Love is! Stop the hate and the fight. The corruption in this country is blatantly stealing our children’s innocents!

Spoken like a very scared man. Stop blaming the outside and admit your faults and manipulations.

Dave’s excellent comment is diminished by suggesting “Ben Carson or Donald Trump, or even Drudge” are in the company of Hill. Really, Dave? That bias seriously undermines your excellent critique of Hill.

Even when you finally agree somewhat with Dave, he can’t help but display that his thought process is superior to those on the right.

He forgot to mention the Easy Ad.


Hill’s chance of being re-elected is losing momentum; he’ll be shot down by the majority of his constituents in next year’s polls.

Elect Dan Carpenter for District 3 Supervisor in 2016.

I have to say that Supervisor Adam Hill has said many unfortunate, obnoxious, inflammatory, and downright stupid things since first elected in 2008. This latest missive may just be the worst yet.

Seriously, Adam? You’re going to try and link the deaths of 14 people and the injuries of another dozen to talk radio, cable news, and online media? This is something that we might expect to hear from Ben Carson or Donald Trump, or even Drudge, but from a former college professor who was in charge of shaping young people’s minds????

To paraphrase the famous quote from Joseph Welch to Joseph McCarthy, “Have you no shame, sir? Have you no shame?”

I was hoping that you would use your Facebook page to denounce the violence a little bit closer to home, specifically your “business partner” Ryan Peteit smashing the head of his girlfriend through a bathroom room and slamming her head so hard on the floor that she is rendered unconscious,

But not a peep. Not a sound. Not a word from you, Adam. What if that had been one of your step daughters? What if that had been Dee? Is there ANY justification for violence against women? Your silence on this issue speaks volumes about your lack of ethics, your lack of character. You put on the costumes and dance and perform every year at the Alex Madonna Benefit for the Women’s Shelter, Adam. But when push comes to shove (and I mean that literally), you’re as quiet as a church mouse.

By the way, Adam, I still would like to know how a county supervisor who makes $85,000 with three stepdaughters and an unemployed wife manages to rent a home at the San Luis Obispo Country Club? When you claim you do “writing, editing, and consulting” on the side, how about providing a specific list of your clients? Does that pass any level of a smell test to you?

Cal Coast News. KVEC. KPRL. Dan Carpenter. Stew Jenkins. Mike Brennler. What are our crimes, Adam? Certainly not hate. No, sir. It’s that we dare to stand up to you, to challenge you, to question you. That drives you insane. You govern by fear, by being a bully. It always has to be about you, Adam Hill. You take a senseless tragedy and you bring back to you. Unfuckingbelievable.

Tonight my thoughts are with the families of these innocent victims in San Bernardino. I hope that we’ll soon have a clear understanding of why this happened, why it REALLY happened, and not some half-assed conjecture from a politician who cares about nothing other than being re-elected and settling scores with perceived enemies.

And then I hope law enforcement in SLO County and beyond does its job up here. I said it on the radio. I’ll say it here. I’ll say it to your face. PB doesn’t pass the smell test. And neither does your relationship with Belsher and Peteit.

Dave Congalton

p.s. KKJL is “hate media”? They play James Taylor and Barbara Streisand. LOL!

“This is something that we might expect to hear from Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, or even Chuck Todd”

Fixed it for you.

If there was ever an issue to show your teeth on Dave, domestic violence is it. I’m proud to see you put this out there. There can be no quarter for these monsters and by remaining silent Adam Hill is doing just that.. providing safety and comfort. If he just shut up entirely he’d have much more standing. But as we’ve all learned again and again, he can’t shut the F up. This latest nonsensical posting is classic Externalizing Narcissist B.S.

From somebody who’s been affected in the worst way by DV, I appreciate you calling these “men” out.

“By the way, Adam, I still would like to know how a county supervisor who makes $85,000 with three stepdaughters and an unemployed wife manages to rent a home at the San Luis Obispo Country Club?”

Adam will just throw out the wife and stepkids out on the street, belongings and all, like he did with his last stepwife.

Adam. You are not well.