Immigrants strengthen and enrich our culture

December 18, 2015
Refugees trapped between Greece and Macedonia

Refugees trapped between Greece and Macedonia


There is much talk about immigration these days, especially concerning the plight of the multitudes of Syrians fleeing their country due to war and terror.

I believe we have in place a method of investigation and vetting of new immigrants. No one wants to welcome anyone with ill feelings for our country. The issues are fairly simple in concept and number.

First off, can we even afford to take in refugees? If not then we should not. But of course we can, we have so much money and so many resources we can do anything we want to do. Do refugees cost us anything in the long run? Read the Cato report below, they actually add to our GNP.

Secondly, and more importantly, should we take in refugees? Well, what is our moral compass? Do we have one? I feel some responsibility to help out those in need, don’t you?

I could cite many cases where we created crises and then took in refugees from those locales (Central America, SE Asia and Iraq for example). Of course the few we took in hardly made up for the mayhem we caused. Our corrupt and mismanaged foreign policy is not the issue in this essay, but rather the aftermath is. I am shamed by some of our historical behavior regarding immigration and refugees.

Sometimes these two categories are lumped into one of Displaced Persons. We pretty much ignored the plight of European Jews in WW2. Only near the end did we step up immigration; due to Congressional inaction Harry Truman had to issue an executive order to increase relief for displaced persons.

We outright banned Chinese for many years, after they slaved building our railroads. Japanese in the early ’30s had a tough time landing here. During WW2, after we had imprisoned many Americans of Japanese descent, the 442nd Regiment was the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of American warfare-all were Japanese American soldiers! So much for questioning their allegiance.

In recent history little Jordan has put up 672,000 displaced persons. Germany (with 1/4 our population) has taken one million refugees. We plan to take in a mere 10,000 next year. And now there is much talk about choking off that paltry number. Sweden and other Scandinavian countries have taken many more per capita than we have. France has long been a bastion for those displaced by strife or war. And at times, so have we.

Our European allies are taking in many displaced persons. We owe them some relief from the burden of this flood of refugees. We can easily handle the cost and inconvenience. It seems we have to see if we can handle the irrational fear that certain politicians have attempted to instill in us.

There is never any lack of scapegoating of our Mexican neighbors, especially those who come here for a better life. For a time I had a couple rental houses in another city. Without a shred of hesitation, I tell you my best tenants were always Mexicans. They outshone anyone born here by a magnitude of kindness, honesty and integrity.

Whenever I see or hear Americans (usually white ones) denigrating Mexicans, I am reminded how ignorant and spoiled the complainers are.

Without a doubt all Americans are concerned with security, imposing overly restrictive limitations on compassion for displaced persons will not achieve the safety we crave. In fact our very souls will be diminished by such selfish and shameful action. Those who were born here should thank the heavens for such frightfully good luck. Many others were not so lucky. We can even the score somewhat by helping out.

From the Cato Institute (a respected libertarian think tank):

“The overriding impact of immigrants is to strengthen and enrich American culture, increase the total output of the economy, and raise the standard of living of American citizens. Immigrants are advantageous to the United States for several reasons: (1) Since they are willing to take a chance in a new land, they are self-selected on the basis on motivation, risk taking, work ethic, and other attributes beneficial to a nation. (2) They tend to come to the United States during their prime working years (the average age is 28), and they contribute to the workforce and make huge net contributions to old-age entitlement programs, primarily Social Security. (3) Immigrants tend to fill niches in the labor market where demand is highest relative to supply, complementing rather than directly competing with American workers. (4) Many immigrants arrive with extremely high skill levels, and virtually all, regardless of skill level, bring a strong desire to work. (5) Their children tend to reach high levels of achievement in American schools and in society at large.”

Pete Evans is a resident of San Luis Obispo.

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I don’t think that there are too many out there that would dispute the fact that immigrants have been beneficial to the US, but this article does not address and essentially dodges the issue of illegal vs legal immigration. It also fails to address security and, like in the recent San Bernardino shootings, people who game the system and get illegal visas or those that simply overstay their visas and remain in the country. I think that this entire article is a cover for wanting to allow anyone who wants to get into this country, legally or illegally to not be screened or controlled and to come on in whenever they want.

When I read the Losertarian Cato Institute nonsense all I can see are the videos of the mobs of ignorant angry males criminally trashing and raping their way across Europe.

Not one of the points made has any connection to this reality. These non-European-tradition, non-Judaeo-Christian-tradition people have no interest in assimilating, learning English, working, or just getting along with us dhimmi.

Legal immigrants, yes (like my bride of nearly 52 years), murderous peasant refugees, no.

And where are the wealthy Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, the Emirates? They have take none of these people.

They are not coming here to enjoy our society, they are coming to make into the Suckistan they left.

BTW, Pete, listing all the awful evils we horrible Americans inflicted on poor innocents (sarcasm alert) does not shed glory on your cause.

Pete. This is an absolutely horrible piece. Like all of the rest of the progressives who have put us where we are today, you’ve either got your head buried in the sand, or up your ass. Sorry to be rude, but that’s about it.

Islam IS NOT a “peaceful” religion. All muslims are to live by it. The reason there are no “peaceful” or “moderate” muslims speaking out against the religious zealots “ISIS-ISL”, is because they know what’s in the Quran and they too are to follow its murderous teachings.If they don’t, they know that they too will be targeted for death as “infidels”.

Last but not least, I truly believe that the current occupant of the White House and his administration are and have been aiding and abetting this cancer called islam.

The World is not falling apart, it’s falling into place.

Let us hope and pray that God will have mercy on all of His creation.

Well, I don’t know who the hell Pete Evans is, but the first thing he needs to understand is that there is an enormous difference between those who wish to come to America to better their lives and those who want to come here to kill us.

Pete apparently doesn’t care- he’s evidently just fine with letting them all in irregardless of their motivations and/or the impact on those of us who already live here.

It’s people who think like that who have gotten us into this mess in the first place, and then they have the gall to accuse us of being “ignorant and spoiled” for caring and for wanting to safeguard the lives of our families, neighbors, children and grandchildren.

Hey Pete- why don’t you go down to San Bernadino and ask the families of those who were mercilessly executed and wounded about their “irrational fears?”

It’s the system of nature. Nature favors competition. The same reason capitalism is the most successful economic model–competition–capitalism mimics nature.

The more stimulation and competition you present an organism (human) or a business or a culture with, the stronger and more adaptable it becomes. Is it painful? You bet it is. Is it fun? Nope. Is it incredibly difficult for the individuals making up the system? Absolutely. In our own insignificant microcosm of a personal life almost all of us would be so much more happy if we could each wake up every day to a life where everyone was our color and acted just like us and had our values. The different colors and appearances and behaviors and cultures create fear and insecurity and conflict. That conflict is the stimulation and the competition and it’s not much fun–for any side. Battle of the fittest at every level.

But in the long run, it makes for stronger organisms (people) and stronger systems (cultures/nations). And it prevents the master race type thinking, like what Germany and Japan got sucked into in WWII or the South in the Civil war.

The interesting thing now is that with science we have learned to out-think the normal course of nature. We can now skip thousands or even millions of years of evolution in the lab. But that’s another topic for another discussion.

“Battle of the fittest at every level.”

What you are saying about immigration may have been true during the America of the 19th century. In fact, many immigrants returned home because they could not succeed in the United States.

It is hard to argue that immigration represents survival of the fittest and evolution when today’s immigrants receive social welfare benefits, free public schooling, and language services in their native language. None of those benefits were available to past immigrants. They had to make it work, or leave.

Social Darwinism at its best.

In the system of nature, a life organism kills any other life organism that is a threat. In the long run the survival of the fittest is the way of nature. Nature favors violence to achieve survival of the fittest.

In the system of nature, a life organism kills any other life organism that is a threat.


Does one flower in your garden kill all the others? Does your dog kill all the other dogs in the neighborhood? Did one of your children kill all his siblings?

Nature is so much more complex than your statement. It is much better to think of nature in terms of competition that maintains a balance. Yes, sometime it results in death and even extinction of a species. Most of the time though, living creatures avoid life and death battles. It’s just not worth the risk. Most of the time, the living organisms find ways to co-exist. And most of the time, the organisms actually work in symbiotic relationships with each other.

“Without a shred of hesitation, I tell you my best tenants were always Mexicans. They outshone anyone born here by a magnitude of kindness, honesty and integrity.

Whenever I see or hear Americans (usually white ones) denigrating Mexicans, I am reminded how ignorant and spoiled the complainers are.”

If you think Mexican culture and the Spanish language is far superior to the lazy American culture and the English language, you can always move to Mexico.

The economic performance of Mexico and the Hispanic crime rate suggests that Mexico does not outperform the United States, despite the author’s anecdotal observations.

“Immigrants strengthen and enrich our culture.”

No. They don’t.

From Harvard economist George Borjas:

“Although the net benefits to natives from illegal immigrants are small, there is a sizable redistribution effect. Illegal immigration reduces the wage of native workers by an estimated $99 to $118 billion a year, and generates a gain for businesses and other users of immigrants of $107 to $128 billion.”

How wonderful to have the wages of native born Americans reduced so the oligarchs can have cheap help.

“From the Cato Institute (a respected libertarian think tank)”

What the hell do libertarians know about culture? Libertarians don’t even believe in culture and fanciful notions such as how language and ethnic demography shapes a society. Libertarians think that society should be one giant race to the bottom with imported workers, cheap labor, and no safety net for native born Americans.

Lets keep the Analysis going…

“First off, can we even afford to take in refugees? If not then we should not. But of course we can, we have so much money and so many resources we can do anything we want to do”

Are you crazy, this Country has over $200Trillion with a T in outstanding debt obligation.

Let me put that in English for you, we are BROKE and our kids will have to pay in excess of 70% of their income in taxes to pay for all this Bleeding Heart nonsense. Our first obligation is to the US Citizen.

If you want to donate your own money, Glenn Beck is rescuing persecuted Christians from Syria, and you can donate to his cause. But as you said yourself, if we can not afford it then we should not do it!

“I believe we have in place a method of investigation and vetting of new immigrants.”

But since the FBI Direction said in Testimony to Congress that we CAN NOT properly Vet the Syrian Refugees…who are we to believe? Will you take Personal Responsibility for any ISIS members that infiltrate the Refugees and then Kill Americans?

What is Wrong with Taking Care of Americans first?

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