SLO fire burns three businesses, photos

December 26, 2015


A fire that began before noon on Saturday is still burning inside a business on Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. No injuries have been reported.

At about 11 a.m., firefighters responded to the Sub, a head shop and retail store, on the 200 block of Higuera Street. The fire then spread through the attic to several other businesses.

At 8 p.m., smoke continued to billow from the Sub while Firefighters from multiple agencies battled the blaze.




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You think ALL government workers are over-paid? Our police, fire, prisons, road department, sewer, water, fda, tsa, military, fbi, are “government” workers. Have you EVER spent a day at their jobs?

O.k. this is weird, everyone’s comments are gone?

Post and now they show up. Strange.

Here’s the reality.

The owner is a hoarding packrat…has been for decades. Hundreds of boxes packed tight with extremely flammable materials…comic books, posters…and the thousands of CDs, LPs, old VHS & analog tapes…all that paper, petroleum and plastic, it’s no wonder this place couldn’t be salvaged.

The SLO Fire Dept responded appropriately. The place was a ticking timebomb.

I’ve seen behind the curtain at Cheap Thrills and The Sub…I am NOT surprised by the outcome of this fire…and also very suspicious.


I agree !

Richard Ferris doth protest too much…

He stands around watching the fire (ARSON) and telling everyone just how much merchandise / MONEY he’s losing…whoa that should satisfy the Insurance Company for a large payout.

I think a lot of the angst for fire services are similar to just paying too much for insurance. Sure, one can argue all day that insurance is needed, and heaven forbid one actually has to use it; however, it still is painful to feel like one is over-paying for an insurance policy they are likely never (or extremely rarely) going to need.

I think all government workers are over-paid and a vast majority of them under-perform, which is sad, because there are always a small handful of dedicated hard-working folks that have to deal with these glorified welfare recipients.