Two people gunned down in Santa Maria

December 27, 2015

crime tapeTwo people were shot and killed Saturday night marking the 13 murder in Santa Maria in 2015.

Shortly after 7 p.m., two males were shot to death near Jewel and Vine streets, police said. Emergency personnel transported the victims to Marian Regional Medical Center where they were both pronounced dead.

It is not yet known if the murders are linked to a recent string of gang violence. The investigation into the murders is ongoing.

Of the previous 11 murders in Santa Maria in 2015, six had gang connections, police said. For comparison, there were three homicides in Santa Maria in 2014 and two in 2013.


Sh!thole Maria…And they’ve focused on making a ‘downtown’.

It is urban sprawl, always will be. Would be nice if it was at least safe.


Blame the mayor, blame the sheriff, and blame EVERY City Council member.

They have allowed SM to degenerate into Sanctuary City Heaven for Illegals, making it Hell for citizen residents.


“Gang members’ – let me guess, MS13, Nortenos, and Sorenos?

Let me ask the politically incorrect questions. What percentage of the population in Santa Maria is Latino, and how many of the murders were committed by Latinos?

Kaiser Bill

Santa Maria, according to the 2010 Census, is 70 percent Hispanic.

I laugh at the comments dismissing questions and assertions about Hispanic crime as “racist.” One can rest assured that most of those calling others “racist” and other names do not live in communities like Santa Maria and thus do not enjoy the benefits of the diversity they espouse.


Hopefully, your last sentence was meant to be sarcastic.


And yet everything you claim, and everything you defend, the common denominator is the use of a firearm in most all problem solving…a very sad commentary.


I grew up in LA. The gang issues were never addressed there early on either. The gang problem in Santa Maria is much too large to even hope of eliminating or limiting now. They would have had to start much sooner (instead of just keeping a body count). Later. when it got worse in LA, I would hear ER stories from friends who worked there that included gang members who shot those incoming to the ER–that they had shot–actually coming to the hospital and holding guns on the ER staff and ordering them “not to save the person” who had been shot.

When I used to work in Long Beach, it was nothing to see a body laying on the sidewalk, covered with a blanket–on my morning commute. Police stood by chatting like nothing had happened while they sipped coffee and waited for the coroner. People become immune to it after awhile. Santa Maria will too.


As long as America considers gun control the shooter’s ability to place several rounds in quick succession in center mass….the daily carnage will continue unabated.


Um yeah, surely hose’a and hose’b stood in line at Big 5 to buy the guns legally they kill with. Are you anti gun nuts that naive to think banning guns will remove them from the hands of criminals?


I’ll bet you think the gun used here was legal, probably not. If the gun is illegal, it is not influenced by gun laws.


The police don’t seem to be able to protect anyone in Santa Maria. And your ‘solution’ is to disarm the decent people in town? Then no one will be able to protect themselves from the criminals ( by definition criminals break laws — so they will not be participating in your disarmament scheme ) leftist ‘logic’ on display for all to see.

Taking away my God given Constitutionally guaranteed rights will not solve anything – unless you are trying to make life safer for criminals.


I was not aweare God signed the Constitution


Reading comprehension AND logic fails? Where did I say God signed the Constitution? I said that our rights come from God.


Exactly what rights come from God


Yes, let only the criminals have guns.


Los Angeles has been nicknamed the Gang Capital of America, with an estimated 120,000 gang members as of 2007. According to a May 2001 Drug Threat Assessment by the National Drug Intelligence Center, Los Angeles was home to 1,350 gangs.

Gun Control is defined by how you hold, aim and shoot your weapon. :)


It’s time for Santa Maria to get tough on these gang members.

Better have a big checkbook.


Is it time for a change in the police department leadership?

Kaiser Bill

Santa Maria had these problems for years.

Santa Maria has the highest number of illegal alien hit and run accidents in California.

You know things are bad in Santa Maria when a horrific crime that occurred there, the brutal rape and murder of an elderly Air Force veteran by an illegal alien, is always mentioned by the leading Republican Presidential candidate to hammer home the problems wrought by illegal immigration.


more shootings and more dead in Santa Maria, what a shock.