Supervisor candidate drops out, endorses Peschong

December 7, 2015
Anthony Kalvans

Anthony Kalvans

A 22-year-old San Miguel CSD director recently dropped out of the race for District 1 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor. He is now endorsing Republican strategist John Peschong for the supervisorial seat.

Anthony Kalvans has served on the San Miguel CSD Board of Directors since he was 19. Kalvans is already a past president of the CSD board, as well as a 3rd-term member of the San Miguel Advisory Council.

“The North County consists of a number of unique communities, both urban and rural, and I was running to provide a voice for the rural communities which often times are overlooked,” Kalvans is quoted as saying in a news release issued by Peschong’s campaign.

Klavans dropped out of the race last month, shortly before Peschong entered the race. Kalvans cited family health issues as his reason for ending his candidacy.

Peschong’s campaign announced Kalvans’ endorsement on Saturday.

John Peschong

John Peschong

“John is a proven leader for the region, and I’m supporting his candidacy because I know as supervisor, every resident — no matter the street, town or region, will have someone who is both willing to listen to their concerns and fight for their issues,” Kalvans said.

Peschong is a resident of Templeton and a founding partner of a political consulting firm. He also serves as chairman of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party.

Supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton and County Assessor Tom Bordonaro have already endorsed Peschong.

Three other candidates remain in the race for the District 1 seat: Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin, Paso Robles Councilman John Hamon and Dale Gustin, also of Paso Robles.

Incumbent Supervisor Frank Mecham is retiring when his term ends in January. Mecham is a Republican, but he has been a swing vote between Arnold and Compton and liberal supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill.

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Before Peschong announced his candidacy, I know a number of conservatives who were going to support Kalvans over John Hamon even though Kalvans is relatively young with only one office under his belt. He is very knowlegeable. We’re counting on him for the future of this county.

Now that we have these two good candidates (John Peschong and Steve Martin), I am hoping that Hamon will withdraw and let people choose their Supervisor on the basis of the viewpoints on issues and forget about just electing one of the good ole boys.

It would be even better if both Hamon and Martin would withdraw. When Martin ran for and was elected mayor, he committed to lead this city and make things right. Now he wants to be a county supervisor? – B4 he serves even 1 term? Only because he is looking out for himself only.

The BOS needs someone who can stand up against Hill and work hard for the North County. Look at either Hamon’s or Martin’s limited record – proof is not there.

What a talented young man! There is hope for the future!