The threat to national security is real

December 12, 2015

national-securityOPINION by OTIS PAGE

Given the controversy introduced by Donald Trump on the Muslim question, what should be done? The threat to our national security is real.

First, in the interest of national security, any Muslim immigrant should swear absolute dedication to the Constitution and laws of the United States of America and swear they will not follow the Koran’s teaching on the war against nonbelievers.

Second, as applied to all Muslim citizens of the USA, the fact must be clearly established that Sharia Islamic law is subordinated to the Constitution and laws of the United States where religious intolerance is condemned and the free practice of religious diversity is condoned.

“Political correctness” obscures the truth regarding the Muslim question.

This avoids the real issue of Islam’s fundamental belligerency against nonbelievers — Christians, Jews, and secularist, etc. For Muslims, the spiritual possession and religious dedication is deep and profound promising heavenly rewards for destroying nonbelievers by fanatical Imams and Mullahs of the Islamic faith.

As a highly regarded Minister has proclaimed, who has a Christian ministry among Muslims in Albania: “Like many so called Christians who avoid the true teachings of Christ, some Muslims turn their cheek on the Muslim teachings.”

But the difference here is the fact that the Islam fanatic’s call to kill and murder nonbelievers is endowed in their scripture — the Islamic Koran – where it is not in the Christian Bible.

Consequently, under the guidance of a fanatical Mullah, an Islamic mosque’s member may yield to the call to massacre innocent nonbelievers. Mullah inspired suicide bombers and assassins — some who have been women — have done this in Israel, in many places in the Mideast, and it has occurred here in the United States. As recently exemplified in the San Bernardino massacre. Each suicide bomber and assassin are promised their reward in paradise for their resolve.

To call a Muslim radicalized is to ignore the religious propensity of Islam, as founded in the sacred Koran and Sharia Islamic law, that unambiguously specifies a war against infidels — one who does not believe in the teachings in the Koran.

“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, and seize them, Beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war…” (Qur’an 9:5)

A Muslim — whether described as being moderate or radical — must reject this teaching to be considered peaceful and loving by Judeo/Christian and secular standards.

Here is the existential reality of the Islamic faith: A true Muslim led by a fanatical Mullah is susceptible to the teaching of the Koran to “fight and kill disbelievers.” Muslims following these teaching are not “radicalized,” they are strict followers adhering to their religious teachings.

In conclusion, it is not an act of Islamophobia to cite the horrific deeds against Israel, in the Mideast and here in the United States — 9/11, etc and now in San Bernardino.

While professing to be loving and peaceful — Muslims are caught in the dual lie of first denying Mohammad’s instruction to kill nonbelievers while, second, coincidentally lying to non Muslims professing “love and peace” to those they wish to appease while being religiously justified to destroy them. For they are caught in a fatal contradiction. This is the inherent hypocrisy and false claim of the prevalent Islamic religion today.

Otis Page is a concerned citizen of Arroyo Grande.

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I don’t think it’s as simple as them just hating us for our freedoms. The situation in the ME is a convoluted sunni/shia proxy war where (the shia) iran/assad/russia/china have pared off against (sunni) turkey/saudi arabia/islamic state/US and NATO for geopolitical hegemony/oil and pipeline rights. We created and fund the islamic state, who are ethnically the same as the turks and saudis, and they help us beat back assad/russia, the kurds, and hezbollah. Terrorism must be overcome, but it is also the only excuse we (and russia—their people are tired of ongoing conflict as well) have for staying involved in the ME. I have the feeling that it all won’t end so long as there’s still $ to be made over there.

There is media event that makes me wonder. There has been some Muslims on the news stating that their religion is against killing innocent people. So the question is, Who are the innocent?

there is a much higher risk you will be killed by your own government than a terrorist.

Hate to get into religious discussions so I’ll keep it short, it’s all BS. No difference between Allah and the Easter bunny, conjured up in mans imagination.

People are not being killed in the name of the Easter bunny. The threat is real.

If you can’t see the pattern of taunting, mocking, and blatant disrespect you’re lost. What country invades another country to appease daddy? Over 100,000 human beings were slaughtered. People sleeping, holding their children, singing, showering, at their god damned wedding. We slaughter them destroy their country and then hold contests to make fun of their faith. Who slaughters 9 black people in a Church where he was welcomed? A Christian bigot. As a veteran, I’m appalled that ANYONE would ignore those driving people livid with their disrespect. We’re invading lands across the globe. Try STOPPING that. We arent the worlds police force.

Thank you for this moment of clarity! I hope people will wake up to who we really are and what we’ve really done,

Your “Christian” bigot was NOT instructed by his god to slaughter black people.

muslims ARE instructed to slaughter all infidels! I know! Some do not follow their teachings to the letter, as is the case in most religions. However, Christians are not taught to slaughter innocent non believers.

Let’s face it; there are kooks and nut jobs out there in every aspect of our society. You cannot assign a label to everyone android you cannot know the motivates of the heart in anyone. Everyone of us has the ability/option of gog ballistic at any time; relationship, job, finances, etc., when we start to believe everyone who thinks differently from us is the enemy, we all become the enemy. Do I agree with Islam? NO. Do I believe that evil exists? YES. Do I believe it can come from anywhere, at any time, under any name, YES. Am I going to wander around suspecting anyone, ready to take away their rights like the government has taken mine? No, because I refuse to live in fear and will give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Stop peddling fear. I don’t agree with you, but that doesn’t mean I want to hurt you.

We do not have as severe of a problem with Christian terrorists or Jewish terrorists or Buddhist terrorists, although they do exist. So, the problem is Islam and its violent tenets.

See 9/11, the Paris attacks, the murder of Theo van Gogh, the San Bernardino massacre and many other examples for proof of the death Islam creates when it comes into conflict with other civilizations.

If the guys get 72 virgins for martyring themselves by murdering non-believers..what do the women get

Maybe they get to watch.

Our constitution CLEARLY states separation of church and State. Deserter Bush’s 1st. Act was to open an office of faith based initiatives VIOLATING the very oath he swore to uphold. We are NOT a Christian nation. God is never mentioned anywhere in the constitution, bill of rights or declaration of independents. Period. Christians have been attacking people here on Ze Fader land since the mayflower landed. In the treaty of Tripoli we acknowledged that we were not a Christian nation.

You can take you sideways bigotry some place else. We the people are sick and tired of people of ANY imaginary faith trying to use it to convince others how to live. I remember people in church nodding to their relatives to “watch those people” they never put money in the plate.

Raphael Cruz and Marko Rubio as well as Ben Carson have ALL claimed that God trumps the constitution. Bullshit!

You’re afraid of Muslims because we invaded their country, raped them and slaughtered 100,000 + and a few hurt some people? The hateful “draw Mohamed” and Rubio saying we should torture them on t.v. To show the world that they aren’t tough is the dumbest thing ever uttered by a human since “bring em on” by a deserter of the easiest military service on earth.

People are dying from hunger, and we drive by “our own” that we’re so worried about. Well, stop cowering to the right wing, picking and choosing parts of the Quran to present and look in the bible. Eating certain foods from Red Lobster and Giovanni’s is against the bible. Planting separate crops and wearing cloth blends is a death sentence and planned parenthood is necessary.

Stop becoming the enemy.

I’m going to refuse to be afraid OR to let ignorant people like you gather any traction. I know Muslims, Arabs, Persians, Russians, etc. right here in our community. The one thing I discovered is, if you treat them well, you’ll get back the same.

Afraid of a few people ?

Number of deaths for leading causes of death:

Heart disease: 611,105

Cancer: 584,881

Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 149,205

Accidents (unintentional injuries): 130,557

Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,978

Alzheimer’s disease: 84,767

Diabetes: 75,578

Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,979

Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 47,112

Intentional self-harm (suicide): 41,149

“The hateful “draw Mohamed””

What other religion murders people over cartoons?

There are all kinds of cartoons out there about Christians, Jews, etc. But no terrorism and bombings.

Islam is incompatible with Western values of free speech.

Christians have tried to murder others over things they considered blasphemous many many many times.

In this day and age, if you believe Christians murder people over blasphemy against their religion more than Moslems do, you are delusional.

example please…..

“I know Muslims, Arabs, Persians, Russians, etc. right here in our community. The one thing I discovered is, if you treat them well, you’ll get back the same.” –This has always been my experience, too.

Even your left wing government sponsored Christian mockery when it paid for “art” exhibits depicting Jesus hung upside down on a cross dipped in Urine. One can only imagine the outcry if that had been about any other religion other than Christianity. If muslims standards had been applied, the entire city would have been bombed and thousands would have died! Hypocrite!

“Endowed by their Creator”

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