Two girls get trapped in Orcutt storm drain

December 14, 2015

1024px-Storm_DrainTwo Santa Maria teens took a stroll through an Orcutt storm drain on Sunday afternoon. Then a downpour occurred, and the teens became trapped in the drain. [KEYT]

The girls, both 14 years old, entered the storm drain at Clark Avenue and Orcutt Road. They walked for about a quarter mile while the storm drain was dry. After the heavy rain began, the teens became trapped in a vault inside the drain with six inches of flowing water preventing them from safely escaping.

At about 2:37 p.m., emergency personnel received a call about the situation. Santa Barbara County firefighters responded, found the teens and removed a storm grate near the intersection of Orcutt Road and Patterson Road.

Responders lifted the teens out of the drain and gave them medical attention. The girls reportedly did not suffer any injuries, and they were released to their parents at the scene.

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Three people drowned in the Arizona desert this summer when they we hit by flash floods. People seem to have trouble understanding how fast water can run.

30+ yrs ago some kids were playing and had a ball go down a storm drain. When they climbed in to retrieve the ball, they found cannabis growing under the county courthouse. Ya never know…

Wanna go ride bikes? No Wanna go to the mall? No Wanna go to the movies? NO Want do you wanna do? I dunno… ummm…let’s go play in the storm drain…awesome!!!!!

Their teachers had probably encouraged them to walk a mile in homeless people’s shoes (or a 1/4 mile) in order to better understand their plight.

We should all live in creeks and storm drains for a while to teach us more empathy for the drug addicts who populate these places.