SLO city and county to address medical marijuana

December 14, 2015

medical marijuan rxBoth the San Luis Obispo City Council and the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on possible new medical marijuana restrictions. Cities and counties throughout California are currently rushing to adopt ordinances before state regulations take effect that would otherwise force them to cede local control.

Last year, the city of SLO attempted to ban medical marijuana cultivation and deliveries. The council voted to table the issue, though, after medical marijuana proponents spoke out during public comment.

The city does not have a current ordinance prohibitting brick and mortar dispensaries, either. However, city officials have used the city’s zoning code to stop applicants from opening medical marijuana shops in San Luis Obispo.

City Attorney Christine Dietrick is now recommending the council adopt a resolution “reaffirming the city’s permissive zoning code prohibits marijuana businesses, operations and uses, including cultivation of medical marijuana in the city.”

Critics have previously said San Luis Obispo could face a legal challenge for adopting a de facto ban, rather than an ordinance outlawing medical marijuana shops.

Brick and mortar dispensaries are technically allowed in unincorporated areas of the county, but the SLO County Board of Supervisors has rejected all of the proposals it has received, including a recent plan to build one in Nipomo.

On Tuesday, the board of supervisors will discuss possible ordinances regarding cultivation.

Additionally, the Pismo Beach City Council will vote Tuesday on directing staff to an craft ordinance. Pismo Beach city staff recommends the council continue to allow medical marijuana delivery services while considering banning cultivation.

The Arroyo Grande council likewise plans to ban cultivation while continue allowing medical marijuana deliveries. The council has already directed Arroyo Grande staff to craft an ordinance.

Cities and counties currently have until March.

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This is just a tactic until they figure out how to get their cut of the money. It will be called regulation for the good of the public with fees to pay for oversight and staffing. This is the new America. Government steps in to Deem something unacceptable or unsafe to ” protect ” us. Somehow greasing the government palms makes it safe for the public. When the mafia does this, it’s called racketeering. When the government steals someone else’s money it’s called regulation. One example, cigarettes. The government takes almost half of the profits from cigarette sales for something that knowing kills humans. It’s fine that cigarette companies poison people, as long as government gets a cut of the money. The good news? By criminalizing local medical growing, Parkinson’s navy might justify wasting tax dollars on his extravagant boat by busting some Mexican in a panga boat bringing in cartel drugs. Guess it’s hard to tax the cartels because if they could, it would be called fair trade. Money, it’s always about the money.

A message to all the city councils, planning commissions, and the Board of Supervisors: This is a country by and for the people and not by your personal agendas and motives. This county had over 50% of the population vote to legalize with prop 19 years back. Do you really think we don’t want medical marijuana? Any vote against medical marijuana is giving all of us the middle finger who outnumber you. Do you folks know the word RECALL or REFERENDUM? Vote these bans through and get ready to face the music people. If any of you so-called smart politicians looked into this issue just a little bit, you would realize this is all a scam by the attorneys from the League of CA Cities to allow all the city and county attorneys to bilk us taxpayers for billable hours. The state legislature has already said that in January they are going to remove the language about the March deadline from the bill as that should have been removed in the first place. But don’t mind me, just be a rat like the rest of the Pied Piper’s clan and go jump off a cliff. Although I can possibly understand a “commercial” outdoor growing ban within city limits, it is just inhumane to not allow personal cultivation as allowed by the law the WE passed in 1996. It will really be a relief when all you old farts die off that continue to forget the principles this country was founded on. God help you.

What we want and what we get are two different things, we also had 60%+ vote saying marriage was between a man and a women and look how that turned out. Just because the voters say one thing, what ends up can be totally different, welcome to a single party controlled state, the party does what it wants and to heck with the voters.

“we also had 60%+ vote saying marriage was between a man and a women and look how that turned out. ”


You all need to just relax. Eventually recreational MJ will be legal in California. Look to Colorado and Washington and Oregon. All the hand wringers that predicted Armageddon and chaos have been debunked. Taxes are up monumentally crime is also down monumentally because using MJ is no longer a crime.

You do need to check your stats, actually crime is up in Denver County, by 15%.

Population increase in the same time is over 20% .

Great argument. If you legalize everything, there will be no more crime.

Except when it comes to guns, then they tell us we need to make them all illegal to stop crime.

you don’t understand the war on drugs do you?

baby boomer?

The Arroyo Grande Planning Commission have voted to ban medical marijuana which is a vote in favor of the Drug Cartels. This vote to ban medical cannabis will hurt veterans who have fought for their freedom, and the elderly who live on fixed incomes. Vets who use marijuana to treat their PTSD can’t always afford the $60 per three grams the dispensaries charge. 5.3 million Californian voted “Yes” on Prop 215 back in 1996 which allows the cultivation of six plants. John Mack, Glenn Martin, and Terry Fowler-Payne should be ashamed of themselves. It would be interesting to see if the members of the Arroyo Grande Planning Commission have any ties to commercial cannabis grows or Drug Cartels. Hopefully the local investigative journalists will look into it.

I’m pretty ignorant about “Reefer”, but there is no rating system for it like “Proof” for Alcohol is there? How do you know what you’re getting? I’ve read that it’s many times stronger now than when I was a kid (1970s).

There is a rating for Cannabis just like alcohol, it goes by % of THC like alcohol. proof is twice the % of alcohol per volume. Just so you know, I have smoked Cannabis for over 42 years and I had stronger in the 70s…..not that some of it now isn’t as strong or stronger, just saying it is the same plant, we have learned to grow it a little better due to technology and reality is they have been growing it around the world for thousands of years and there are so many varieties it isn’t fair to say it is stronger now. It is nowhere near as strong as say a 151 rum! Alcohol is 10 times more harmful than Cannabis!

“I had stronger in the 70s”

shoulda saved some seeds jim!

In Oregon every purchase comes with a laboratory results of THC and CBD (The active ingredients).

“possible new medical marijuana restrictions”! Just what we all need, more restrictions as adults in a free country! This county is 3rd only to Sonoma and Napa for producing wine, which in this readers opinion is 10 times more problematic that Cannabis. I still can’t help but be amazed that I can drive over to Bevmo and purchase 20 cases of 151 proof rum (not childproofed), 20 more cases of wine (not childproofed either) and a case of cigars! (no, they are not child proofed either). We have been smoking Cannabis for over 40 years weather you all like it or not and we will continue to even if you make us buy it from illegal growers…….which you have for over 70 years! One thing that will continue to happen….our prisons will be full, yeah, even the new ones being built here. You the tax payer will provide for all my friends that Ion and Dan can put away with the “New Restrictions”! This is rediculousness at it’s best!

This is a pure money issue. Banning cultivation forces me to buy my medications at $300+ per ounce. Without much effort or experience, the marijuana I grew cost me about $5 per once. Banning cultivation is not a viable solution. It appears people making these laws must be the ones who own the mobile dispensaries. This is SLO government corruption at its best.

Additionally, those of use who don’t live in cities with out-of-control governments should create “foster gardens”, and allow others to use their gardens/property to grown their meds without continued government oppression/interference. Good looking plant too; smells less than your average honeysuckle plant.

When the voters turn out in significant numbers to pass legal recreational marijuana come November, this will all be a mute point. Marijuana will be legal and their bans and ordinances won’t mean snot. Everyone jumping on the band wagon to stop all cultivation no matter how small will have wasted their time and effort in trying to stop the will of the people, and may even motivate people more to legalize it. Then Governor moonbeam will have give up his 2018 laws as well. These people are really acting like idiots.

Sounds like it’s time to buy stock in Doritos and Pizza companies if marijuana will become legal.

And after you dump your big pharma, alcohol, and tobacco stocks, you’ll have plenty to invest.

One man’s vice is another man’s profit.

Whatdouno, Life is not that simple as “it will be legal in 2018”! These bans are for 2018! Educate yourself on the regulations and know that they are real. We need to work with government officials to ease the tensions created way back with Reefer Madness and all the negative propaganda that was paid for by the Hearst family and Rockefeller fortunes. Their bans and ordinances will mean more than snot!

jms, Whatdouno was only saying that CA will most likely legalize recreational use in 2016 so all these “medical marijuana” bans won’t mean jack.

I understand…..and the regulations were legislated based on Adult Use when it becomes legal in 2018! These regulations ARE the regs for recreational use! 215 will go to the wayside except for personal use. Any commerce, whether it be medicinal or recreational will be handled by these new regulation in ab 266 and the other 2 bills.