Atascadero man accused of sexually molesting students

January 30, 2016
Christopher Nugent

Christopher Nugent

Officers arrested a 53-year-old teacher at his Atascadero home for allegedly molesting students at Avenal Elementary, police said. Christopher Nugent was also an after school tutor, a youth sports photographer and a former teacher of the year.

On Wednesday, three to four students in Nugent’s fourth grade class said that their teacher had touched them inappropriately during school hours. School officials then informed the Avenal Police Department of the allegations.

On Thursday, officers served a search warrant at Nugent’s home and seized his computer. Atascadero police officers arrested Nugent on suspicion of four counts of child molestation and booked him into the Kings County Jail. His bail is set at $300,000, according to the jail website.

For the past 10 years, Nugent commuted to Kings County to teach at Avenal Elementary.

In an interview on ABC 30, a parent of a now 16-year-old former student of Nugent said he had asked school officials to place a camera in Nugent’s classroom because of changes in his son’s behavior. The parent said his request was denied.

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The saddest part of all of this is that I know this garbage personally and have been crying for help for two years for someone to look into a situation my son came home and told me about. An incident with him waking up to his mother having a threesome and watching her friend play with mommy down there with a green mOnster!i have since got no answer as to an explanation.And more unexplained issues with my sons behaviors. Only to lose all custody and a restraining order placed for three years against seeing my boys. Well my “wife” happens to commute with this guy everyday and is also a teacher in Avenal!! Someone please explain this now? She has lied and manipulated stories to the judge to cover this kind of behavior up and I have had no voice and lost my entire family now because of these actions.Any info or help please. I miss my boys dearly and have been tortured by knowing the truth