Cal Poly student pleads not guilty in threat case

January 19, 2016
Charles Raymond Bird

Charles Raymond Bird

A Cal Poly student accused of sending a death threat to the leader of the SLO Solidarity group has pleaded not guilty.

Charles Raymond Bird, 20, is charged with one felony count of criminal threats and a hate crime enhancement. He faces a maximum of six years in prison.

Bird allegedly sent the death threat to Matt Klpefer, the leader of SLO Solidarity and the Queer Student Union, by way of a Facebook profile with the name Mordecai Shekelburg. Klepfer and other members of SLO Solidarity were the targets of the threat. The Facebook message also included a jab at Jews.

“The day of the rope will be coming soon, and you people will be the first to go. If you don’t like how it is in this town, you can go somewhere else. We have a nice thing going here, and if you fuck with that you’re going to have some pretty angry young white man on your hands. Kike.”

University police arrested Bird on Dec. 4. Bird allegedly sent the threat on the night of Nov. 30.

After the threat became public, hundreds of students, faculty members and even Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong joined SLO Solidarity in a pro-diversity rally.

Earlier this month, the university responded to demands made by SLO Solidarity by making several promises relating to diversity on campus. The student group said it was disappointed with the vague response.


Here is a crime Dan Dow will prosecute! A student exercising his first amendment right with zero victims.

John Wallace stealing tens of millions from 50,000 victims. Dan Dow – “who is John Wallace?”

Kaiser Bill

It is great politics and PR.

Dan Dow can say he prosecuted a Nazi for a hate crime.

That covers up letting a rapist of a mentally retarded teenager off with one year in County Jail.


This should be an interesting case given the choice of wording.

Does the “day of the rope” refer to a specific threat of one man hanging another, or does it refer to judgement day? I’m sure his lawyer will argue the latter.

Very important lesson for internet users to learn – that what you post may as well be on the front page of the NY Times. This kid may learn that lesson at the price of his liberty.

Kaiser Bill

The letter is vaguely worded and does not specifically threaten an individual. I have a feeling that Jeff Stein will have this plea bargained down to nothing or dismissed.

The notion of hate crime is Orwellian.

Why is a certain crime worse than others because of the race or religion of the victims?


In a logical legal world you are likely correct. In today’s politically correct fantasy land, the kid may do time.

The law is supposed to be gender and colorblind, hence lady justice with the blindfold. Crime should be crime. Period.

In today’s world however it is becoming worse to offend someone than punch him in the face.


Or steal millions from taxpayers as John Wallace has done. Dan Dow has no time for crimes with victims. Go against the liberal propaganda machine, suffer.

Kaiser Bill

I believe Dow is actually a Republican, but of the Cuckservative Rubio/Jeb! wing of the GOP.