Cancer causing chemicals found in Los Osos water

January 19, 2016

Erin Brockovich

Los Osos Community Services District officials sent a notice out this week warning residents that the levels of Hexavalent Chromium in the drinking water were found to be above the drinking water standard. Hexavalent Chromium is the same chemical found in the water in Hinkley, and brought to the public’s attention by environmental activist Erin Brockovich.

Hexavalent Chromium, also commonly known as Chromium-6, has been known to cause cancer when inhaled. In recent scientific studies in laboratory animals, Hexavalent Chromium has also been linked to cancer when ingested.

A water sample taken on Dec. 7 showed levels of Hexavalent Chromium at 11 micrograms, The maximum contaminate level is 10 micrograms. The district responded by stopping pumping from the contaminated well and increasing pumping at the district’s remaining wells.

According to the district, water users would have been notified immediately if the chemical posed an immediate health risk and that there is no reason for residents to seek alternative water sources.

Nevertheless, the district is required by law to inform school, nursing homes and residential and business property owners of the water contamination within 10 days of discovering the chemical in the district’s drinking water.

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The lower the water table the dirtier the water….

In view of the fact that Chromium (CR) is one of the most toxic and important heavy metals usually found in wastewater, I wonder whether our new wastewater treatment plant will discharge Cr(V1) in safer levels.

Perhaps it is not currently mandatory.

Wow. So, any ideas of where the H. Chromium contamination is coming from?

Does Diablo Canyon use Hexavalent Chromium in any capacity as an anti-corrosion medium in the operation of the nuke plant?

The Morro Bay Power Plant was owned by PG&E. The plant’s three, 450-foot tall smokestacks are visible for miles along Highway One. It is over 60 years old.

First saltwater intrusion, now contaminated water. Los Osos is getting hammered.

The story of Flint, Michigan is a cautionary tale about monitoring and seeking out healthy water sources.

Los Osos should do anything possible to find new water sources, whether it is State Water or tapping into Nacimiento.

Sorry, but Nacimiento and state “water” (9 years out of 10 a bill you pay for wet stuff you don’t get) are closed. No opportunity for either. Need to recycle sewer water.

“Need to recycle sewer water.”

Is using poop water safe? Desal would probably be better.

Hinkley…Los Osos…not a lot of difference.

Oh please. Hinkley is a sh!thole in the Desert.

Compare property in Los Osos with property in Hinkley.

yea, they do have paved streets in Hinkley.

But they don’t go anywhere because there is no where to go.

Wake up Bill and smell the sewer…you just described Los Osos.

Hinkley is contaminated with Chromium 6 from a huge PG&E gas compressor station. It has been used to control bio fouling in the cooling water apparatus there. The levels of Chromium 6 in Hinkley are hundreds of times higher than in Los Osos. The reported 11 micrograms/liter concentration in Los Osos is 10% over a state standard that itself is far below any level necessary to cause harm and is almost certainly from natural origins.

It’s coming folks. Poisoning the water supply is the latest way to extort your money for corporations like Nestle, who during our continuing drought have been allowed by Governor Brown to continually bottle California water at 4 bottling plants at a rate of 800 million gallons per year. This was done without oversight or proper permits. While the state was telling everyone to cut personal water use, water bottling companies in California were draining our supply. Nestle is the worst offender. Check online for the who’s who of prominent politicians and billionaires purchasing water rights in other countries. George Bush friends and family have been doing this for years among many others. Do the research, it’s there. Its always about the money.

No fan of Nestle, but you need to take off the tin foil hat. So the Chromium 6 in Los Osos is the result of a conspiracy involving Nestle, Governor Brown, and former President(s) George Bush? The amount of water that humans consume is infinitesimal. If you tried to drink the amount of water equivalent to a 3 minute shower in one day you would be dead. In NYC or San Francisco bottled or filtered is not necessary as they have very high quality mountain water. Water from SLO County purveyors is generally pretty foul tasting, though safe. I don’t drink it and my cat won’t drink it. Thus the need for “drinking water”.

No obispan, I don’t believe that it is a conspiracy. Fact is Nestle inc has been draining natural resources from our state without restrictions from our corrupt political officials .

The state mandated rigid water restrictions on homeowners, none on Nestle, who then sells our water it back to us at a 900% mark up.

The chromium 6 that causes cancer creates a need for bottled water = capitalizing on human malady.

What I am sure of obispan is this. Lack of morality, putting the almighty dollar before mankind is obscene yet there will always be those willing to sell out. We see it every day in the healthcare system. Pharmaceutical companies that hold families hostage to astronomical lifesaving drug prices. Literally, you money or your life.

Instead of helping to make this world a better place, there will always be those who see lives as collateral damage for profit. The Bush family is purchasing hordes of water rights and has been doing so for years. Do you think it’s for the good of humanity or waiting to collect big dividends from the suffering of others. No conspiracy, just greed and immorality that has led our country into the toilet.

Perhaps it is you who need to remove the foil from your eyes and ears of you and your cat. None so blind. Go ahead lead the parade. Drink the water.

Sewer…..Water….what next in Los Osos Power problems?