Death of Cal Poly student ruled suicide

January 14, 2016
Aaron Wolf

Aaron Wolf

A Cal Poly student who was struck and killed by a train Saturday evening committed suicide, the San Luis Obispo County coroner’s unit has ruled. In a separate investigation, the coroner’s unit has determined a transient woman who was hit by a train five days prior died accidentally.

Aaron Matthew Wolf, 19, was struck by an Amtrak train around 8:15 p.m. Saturday about a mile south of San Luis Obispo. Responders pronounced him dead at the scene.

On Wednesday, coroner’s investigators performed an autopsy and determined the manner of Wolf’s death was a suicide. The official cause of the Cal Poly student’s death was multiple blunt force trauma, according to a county sheriff’s office press release.

Toxicology results are expected to be available in six to eight weeks.

Wolf was from Martinez, California. He was a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Cal Poly.

The fraternity has launched a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the memorial service. The page has raised $10,065 as of Thursday morning.

“Arron was an intelligent guy who would always be able to put a warm smile on your face,” the fundraising page states. “He was very talented in a vast array of things, from playing musical instruments to beating everyone in super smash bros.”

On the evening of Jan. 4, Saralee Lua, 54, was struck by a train near The Graduate in San Luis Obispo. Lua died of her injuries at the hospital.

The Sherif’s office announced Wednesday the manner of Lua’s death is listed as accidental and the official cause is exsanguination from blunt force trauma injuries. Toxicology results are also pending in this case.

Last weekend, there were also two individuals who were struck and killed by trains in Santa Barbara County. At least one of the deaths is suspected to have been a suicide.

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Whatever problems we have at 19 will seem inconsequential at 29. So sorry for this young mans family that he didn’t see the forest through the trees.

This is a sad, most unfortunate tragedy that should not befall anyone or any family.

My condolences to the family and loved ones.

we are just to believe that this man committed suicide because the state says it is so? where is the evidence.

Unless there was some indication he was placed there against his will, suicide would have to be one explanation for him not moving off the tracks.

Perhaps the engineer gave a statement which indicated the young man saw the train but made no attempt to flee to safety.

Only one thing is for sure–there’s more that we don’t know, than what we do. What are you suggesting?

Yah, maybe someone is covering their tracks. If so they should be ridden out of town on a rail.

I’m betting there were other clues, like statements to friends or a suicide note.

It would seem unlikely that these two would be paired, but for anyone who is listening, mental illness took both of them in the same week.

Prayers to young Aaron’s family. He was also an accomplished musician and a well-loved person according to friends. It seemed he had a wonderful future ahead.

As for Saralee, her mug shot for drunk in public, last shows from northern ca. A more indepth search shows she has had a long history. Did the alcohol damage her brain, or was she truly dual dx from the beginning?

Knowing that the state spends millions to arrest and incarcerate those who are drunk in public, it would seem that someone would begin to understand that the concept of housing and treating the drunk would be no more costly and the ethical choice.

This is a parent’s worst nightmare.

Such a shame to see a life so full of possibilities, and potential, gone in an instant.

Condolences to this young man’s family, and to the engineer who was completely helpless to have changed a thing.


TKE’s are harsh. Hazing deaths were common back in my days at Chico. Reagan was a TKE.

I am no fan of fraternities, however, I know that this death had nothing to do with hazing at TKE.

I can remember 19, the resolve is different for everyone. So goes a thousand words.