John Wallace should not get preferential treatment

January 31, 2016


Open letter to the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District:

I am writing to request that John Wallace does not get any preferential treatment before the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District board at the next, or any other, meeting.

Wallace has had hours and and hours and hours in front of your board and the City of Arroyo Grande (which rate payers have paid for) to “give his side” of this horrible story.

Meanwhile people like Brad Snook, Jeff Pienack, Debbie Peterson, et al have been afforded a mere six minutes a month to speak to this egregious activity.

No more. John Wallace deserves nothing more than all the concerned residents were afforded while this highway robbery was continuously approved by former sanitation district board members Grover Beach Mayor Shoals, his alternate Grover Beach Councilman Bill Nicolls, Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara and his alternate Arroyo Grande Councilman Jim Guthrie.

April McLaughlin is a resident of Arroyo Grande and a community watchdog who regularly attends public meetings.

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Just watched the San District show

Chairman Shoals did not want Wallace to have a separate agenda item.

He wanted him to speak in Public Comment and would allow him some extra time as he has many of us.

By making it a presentation, Mr. Wallace can take over the whole meeting with his “side of the story” I’m sure his attorney will accompany him.

This is not what Mayor Shoals wanted.

Technically; the Ralph M. Brown Act allows for comment on all reports and presentations, not just action items. If Mr. Wallace wants to speak without an angry audience attacking him, he better take 6 minutes in public comment and run away fast.

I mean really, does he have anything to say to us that we care about other than,

“I am going to pay you back!”

Then how did it became a separate item? doesn’t it take 2 of 3 to vote for it?, and if Mr. Shoals really voted “No”, I can’t think Mr. Hill would vote “yes”, so why is it a separate item?

Shoals is chair. He works with acting district administrator to set the agenda.

Shoals says one thing and does another, just as he did with the Oceano billing debacle. Can’t trust Shoals.

So you’re saying Shoals voted “Yes” to making it a separate item?, wouldn’t the vote be available to the public?

At the meeting, Shoals voted with the others that Wallace could speak during public comment.

The agenda does not reflect this. Shoals said one thing at the meeting, has Wallace and a presentation on the agenda.

At the most recent Oceano CSD meeting, Guerrero said he would like to see Wallace have his own place on the agenda. It only takes one board member to add an item to the agenda at SSLOCSD; they are equals. I do not know if Guerrero called for agendizing, but Shoals certainly could have changed his mind and added whatever he wants.