KVEC drops morning news team

January 4, 2016
King Harris

King Harris

El Dorado Broadcasters, owner of News/Talk 920 KVEC radio, announced in an email Monday morning plans to terminate the positions of both News Director King Harris and on-air producer Joe Bowman, effective Jan. 15. Harris has served as the host of the morning newscast on the San Luis Obispo station for the past 10 years.

Harris and Bowman are scheduled to be replaced by veteran newscaster Dick Mason, who is expected to continue covering news on a reduced basis at KVEC. Mason was fired last month as news director by KKJL 1400 radio, reportedly for budgetary reasons.

In the email, general manager Ron Roy cited economic reasons for terminating Harris’ full- time position in favor of a new part-time approach. The move comes amid rumors that El Dorado may be trying to sell its local stations.

When contacted by CalCoastNews, both Harris and afternoon talk show host Dave Congalton declined to comment.

Ron Roy has not yet responded to an email sent Monday morning.

Details to follow as story unfolds.

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I must admit I miss those guys but in my opinion KVEC has been going in the wrong direction for a long time. I like Dave’s show…how he keeps it so fresh and entertaining is a mystery to me. But the finance show in the afternoon puts me to sleep. Because of that boring financial show I’ve found that I end up missing Dave’s show more often. (:(

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I would not (and will not in the a.m.) if there is not local news. If I have to listen to networks I will find Armstrong and Getty, at least they are funny, witty, and go after everyone and everything! If Congalton goes I will be done!

Think the station management is making a mistake. What we listen to are to the LOCAL programs. Hollowing out programing will doom the remaining broadcasts to supporting the fixed costs. I would add to the local broadcasting, even the weekend shows are more interesting than “Rush, Ramsey”. The Congalton franchise is probably more than half the radio station’s business value.