Atascadero to reverse its marijuana cultivation ban

February 16, 2016

legalize-marijuana-california-environmentThe Atascadero City Council is planning on repealing the medical marijuana cultivation ban it adopted just last month. Atascadero is set to become the first city in San Luis Obispo County to reverse course on hurried marijuana regulations.

Faced with a new state law, cities and counties in California had until March to adopt ordinances relating to marijuana sales and cultivation or cede control of the matter to state officials. Several cities in the county, including Atascadero, adopted ordinances over the past couple months.

In early February, however, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill repealing the state deadline.

On Tuesday, the Atascadero council voted unanimously to repeal its cultivation ban. The council directed staff to draft a new ordinance allowing limited cultivation.

The new ordinance would allow medical marijuana patients to possess up to six mature plants and 12 immature plants. The proposal would also allow for a maximum of nine mature plants and15 immature plants per home.

Atascadero’s cultivation ban formally takes effect on Feb. 25. It will likely remain in place for about three months.

The repeal of the cultivation ban will go to the Atascadero Planning Commission on March 1. If approved by the planning commission and again by the council, the new ordinance could take effect in May.

Atascadero additionally has bans in place on brick and mortar dispensaries and on medical marijuana delivery services. The city does not plan to change those policies.

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I hope the loop hole gets closed to those who just want to get high. The bill was initially put in help to help those with certain illnesses, not the “oh my toe hurts” and they get a 215 card.

There are people who have ALS who benefit from this drug, and he can’t get it because what all the stoners have done wrong. The problem is with antishillnetwork who think because right now ANYONE can walk in pay x amount of $$ and get a 215 card. That is not how it was suppose to work.

I am all for cancer patients, people like Devin Ward in AG who has ALS getting their medicine. I have a problem with every Tom, Dick and Harry getting it to just get high, when there is applications where is truly helps those with terrible disease.

I get upset when the vulnerable can’t get it because others have worked the system for their gain.

Just look at the back pages of New Times and you will see everything that is wrong with medical marijuana. How do you control who is growing, selling and delivering it. I have a young man next to me smoking it, quite obvious and when I questioned him and asked him to move away from my fence he said he had a 215 card and a right to smoke it anywhere. I guess that seems it is also OK to sell it out of his front yard as others pull in, exchange money and exchange a small package. Must be why he is unemployed, on all the government programs, just likes his beer and bong!

the drug war is a failure.

time to grow up?

I guess that seems it is also OK to sell it out of his front yard as others pull in, exchange money and exchange a small package. Must be why he is unemployed, on all the government programs, just likes his beer and bong!


You unwittingly argue against your own position. If pot were legal, it would be sold at stores for cheap putting illegal drug dealers out of business.

You can’t ask those type of questions, we are told every person who needs medial pot is a terminally ill person just trying to make their days bearable. Those on that side don’t want to talk about the ones who got their 215 cards under questionable circumstances.

Its quite simple. Folks who choose to enjoy recreationally are smart to get their cards as a form of insurance to prevent harrasment and penalties brought by law enforcement for possessing a plant which be legal in time. Doesnt it seem a little unnatural to make nature against the law? So stop pretending to be so righteous and let others be. The government has left them no other options.

We all have an option, to not break the law, and if we disagree with the law get it changed first, not the other way around.

From reading many of your comments, I think you know the lunacy and the speed at which government works. Soo….

And to always be obedient to a corrupt government is a very dangerous slippery slope.

By all means then ignore any law you disagree with, regardless of how it affects anyone else, do what you want, don’t care how your actions effect others, live only for yourself, yeah that’s the ticket

you are sadly confused individual.

i take great pleasure in knowing your kind are on the decline :) ( the blatantly unintelligent & brainwashed )

enjoy our extremely liberal future.

you could always move.

go kayak in…nebraska or something? ;)

how does that sound?

probably some good ol boys you can get drunk with and discriminate on everyone else with too!

“the law”

hahaha. NATURE has laws.

government oppression is not a law.

are you even an adult?

…. stop living in the past

intelligent sentient beings globally are moving to legalization….

expect it to be legal next year. what is the big deal? people that don’t like it ; move. you can go somewhere cheaper and be with other people that hate freedom. seems like a win – win to me .

i don’t think you understand Marijuana never should of been illegal. the drug war is a disgrace; and more importantly; a colossal failure. people like the terrorists/criminals Randolph Hearst and Harry Anslinger are the reasons the fear campaign was even brought into existence. these sad corrupt capitalists were in fear of losing their markets to the Cannabis plant; so they deviilized it. well known history. these old men are dead; let their corruption die to. the government has zero right to regulate a plant whatsoever.

i get upset when the vulnerable can’t get what they need because the drug war is still supported.

this is what they should of taught us in school.

why don’t they show this in the movie about Hearst castle?

hearst was nothing more than a high class criminal.

how much blood and death is on his hands?

“1920’s media and business tycoon William Randolf Hurst, and Dupont, creators of the synthetic materials rayon and nylon were facing severe financial loss to the natural hemp alternatives to rope paper and cloth, thus began the intense media smear campaign lead by Hurst. Propaganda portraying pot smokers as mindless zombies ready to steal your children. Once the public was frightened enough, Hurst moved on to congress. Meanwhile Dupont’s main source of finance, Andrew Mellon, head of the Mellon Bank, appoints Henry Anslinger head of the federal bureau of narcotics. Nearly all Anslingers testimony before congress was built of non-scientific one-sided newspaper articles failing to ever mention the positive aspects of hemp including its medical benefits. He declared before congress that marijuana is the most violence-causing drug of all time.”

I hope the loop hole gets closed to those who just want to get high.


Said the guy as he sipped his 3rd beer during typing breaks.

Said the winery lobbyists.

Said the drug cop who doesn’t want to lose his job.

Said the criminal defense attorney who doesn’t want to lose his practice.

Said the jailer who doesn’t want to lose his job.




Said the son of a mother killed by a driver with pot in their system and a 215 card in their wallet


your bs is getting HIGHLY annoying and repulsive

Why do you care if people just want to use pot recreationally? Show me where in places that do allow recreational use there has been a problem that caused as much damage as the useless “War on Drugs”

So because I don’t have a terminal illness, I can’t try the benefits of a plant for something less critical? How would you like it if I came in your house and told you your headache wasn’t that bad of a headache and take away all your aspirin? Marijuana has healing/medicinal properties that expand over a wide range of ailments and disabilities. Your comment reeks of ignorance and narcissism. Maybe one day you’ll get off your high horse and realize its just a plant.

Yeah so is Papaver somniferum. its just a plant

Opium and heroin are not fully natural occuring substances. You cant just pick it off the stem and get high.

Also, you can’t just jump the gun and compare weed to opium. Ignorance.

“Atascadero’s cultivation ban formally takes effect on Feb. 25. It will likely remain in place for about three months. ”

disregard that. continue cultivation : .

UPDATE 2/3/2016 – Gov. Brown signed an urgency bill (AB21 – Wood) to delete a provision requiring localities to regulate cultivation by March 1, 2016 or else defer to state regulations. The bill also deletes language that explicitly authorized local governments to ban storage, cultivation, provision, transport, etc. by patients and caregivers.

any localities now still enforcing a ban are in DIRECT violation of the California supreme court ruling.

hahahha. oh; no kidding.

so we can have what the state, and prop 215, and the California supreme court ALREADY promised us. ignorant & corrupt county officials should learn their place and remember they have ZERO authority to supersede state law. all patients are GUARANTEED their right to grow 6 plants. doesn’t matter what the county says. their scare tactics are lame; let them get sued for millons. again.

This should help the new restaurants I always get the munchies, a very smart pro business decision.