Bomb threat at Templeton High School

February 22, 2016

Templeton High School students wait out on the bleachers for transportation after the school was evacuated because of a bomb threat.

Templeton High School students were evacuated early Monday afternoon after school officials received reports of a bomb threat. Students are gathered on or near the bleachers as they await transportation.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies and the bomb squad are at the school, which is located at 1200 South Main Street. A bomb sniffing dog is on route from state parks.

There are no reported injuries. CalCoastNews will continue to post updates as information becomes available.

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TUSD does things on the fly. A few years ago there was a highspeed chase south on Main St, past middle and the high school and ended at 101 near the CalTrans yard, around 7:30am. An hour and a half after it was over and suspects had been apprehended, TUSD called a lockdown around 9am. They locked out some of the grounds guys coming back to base for a break and then locked out the MOT director coming in to work. A day later after much ridicule they declared it an unscheduled drill.

After seeing the response, of all involved, I would say that better planning needs to happen.

If this was real, concentrating the entire student body at the football field may not be the best idea, and should be rethought. They were exposed out there, to the highway, and offered a much easier target if someone was truly trying to harm our students. The field is at the end of a dead-end road, does not offer an alternative way out, and it is not secured 24/7. Sending them would be great for an earthquake, but not so great when under a terror threat.

The school officials should not assume that a portion of the school is secure when a bomb threat comes in. The entire school was threatened–the football field included.

Post threat there was chaos on campus. I was late getting there to pick up my child and it was chaotic, so I can only imagine how it was initially. The police did not seem to have control over the area, and should have controlled the access to the school from outside the grounds. As it was, cars were jamming themselves into the campus, parents scrambling to find their kids. Too many people mixing around for this to be considered “secured” in my book. The school admin seemed to be making up their process of student egress on the fly. No clear lines to get into. It was not pretty.

I would suggest relocation to an off-site place (CDF or park), and also allow parents to “pre-checkout” their children to disperse by their own means if confronted with situation in the future. I’d rather have my kid hanging out at Mr Pickel’s deli for the day, than funneled into a holding area where they could be sniper fodder at a football field.

Time for Templeton to debrief, learn from their mistakes, and work on a better action plan.

While I do not know if this was a call-in or what, I do know that, sadly, for as little as about $5 in bitcoin, anyone can have a malicious internet-based group call in an anonymous bomb threat. Heck for a few more bitcoin, “they” will frame another via phone number spoofing. I believe they were the ones who did LA and NY last week or so ago.

Ain’t technology great? I mean, on one hand it is sick and perverse; yet, on the other, it really showcases our government’s complete inability to proactively protect us – yet that is what many likely feel their over-taxed dollars might be going towards.

Anonymity may very well be our downfall in more ways than one.

Proactively protect us?!? That’s far more frightening than a terrorist, or another fake bomb threat.

Freedom is inversely proportional to safety, always been that way. You are responsible for you and your own.

If you want safety, solitary confinement is as safe as it gets, can’t even hurt yourself.

Anonymity may be misused by the very few, but it is the backbone of true democracy. If you don’t like it, perhaps the DPRK or Iran would make you more comfortable?