Few ballots cast on proposed Paso Robles water district

February 22, 2016

water moneyLess then 12 percent of the mail-in-ballots to approve funding for a proposed Paso Robles basin water district had been returned to San Luis Obispo County as of Friday afternoon, or 865 of 7,313 ballots.

It requires a two thirds vote to pass measure B-16, the imposition of a tax to run the proposed district. If the funding fails but the formation of a proposed water district passes, the proposed district would be on hold while the proponents could continue to seek approval of a new tax.

San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong said that additional ballots were received on Monday bringing the total of Measure B-16 ballots to about 1,300, though the additional ballots had not yet been counted.

Landowners were also sent Measure A-16 ballots, a vote on the formation of the water district to be managed by a board made up of landowners. Each landowner, regardless of how many parcels the person or persons own, gets one vote on Measure A-16.

There were 4,830 ballots sent to landowners regarding the proposed water district formation. Gong’s office has not yet started counting those ballots, though as of Monday afternoon, Gong estimates about 800 ballots had been returned to the county.

The Ballots were mailed out on Feb. 8 and must be post marked no later than March 8 to be counted. Early results will be made available after 8 p.m. on March 8 and final results should be in by March 11.

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Lots of back and forth on this issue and since I live in Paso I don’t get a vote.

But I can rest assured, and will let everyone else in on a little secret. No matter if you live in Paso or out in the country; you will get screwed. This is guaranteed whether the water district passes or fails. The only thing still up for any reasonable discussion is will it

take place from the front or from the rear. Either way – enjoy!!

So if two thirds of 865 votes cast say Yay, we have a water district? 570 votes? Great.

Get ready for the one two punch, a straight NO, a left hook NO and likely to be followed by a side kick out of the ring.

So does it take 2/3 of the votes cast or 2/3 of eligible voters to pass?

I just called the county. They said property owners in the city of Paso Robles do not get to vote. Only property owners in county get to vote. That is BS. The water is under my house and I don’t get a say in how it is managed?????

City residents don’t get to vote on creating a water district because the water purveyor for city residents is the City of Paso Robles. Pay attention to city council, though, the city is going to undertake a waste rate hike in the next few weeks.

… WATER rate hike …

Who votes on this? I’m a regular voter and citizen of the city of Paso Robles. Never seen any ballot.

I believe the city of paso robles votes for you. The ballots are for the property owners outside city limits, eg Creston, etc

That’s incorrect. The City of Paso Robles is not within the proposed water district boundaries. The city is it’s own water purveyor. However, the city is endorsing the district because it wants other water users to be restricted. BEWARE: THE WATER DISTRICT IS BAD NEWS. VOTE NO ON MEASURE A AND B.