CSU faculty preparing for strike

February 9, 2016

CSU FacultyThe California State University faculty union is planning a five-day strike in April. The possible strike is scheduled for a period that overlaps the Cal Poly Open House.

Union representatives are demanding a 5 percent salary hike for CSU faculty members with additional increases for years of service. The chancellor’s office is offering a 2 percent salary increase.

The two side have been at odds since May 2014. Faculty union members have already voted in favor of striking if CSU administrators do not meet their salary demands.

On Saturday, the California Faculty Association announced that its board of directors chose April 13-15 and April 18-19 as the dates to hold the planned strike. Cal Poly’s Open House will take place on April 14-16.

Many Cal Poly faculty members are members of the CSU faculty union. Last May, Cal Poly faculty members protested the discrepancy in pay between administrators and professors at the San Luis Obispo campus.

Union representatives and CSU administrators are currently in a fact-finding process. The union is allowed to begin striking 10 days after a mediator releases a fact-finding report.

Kevin Wehr, the chair of the Faculty Association’s bargaining team, said the chancellor and his negotiators have failed to respect the faculty throughout the entire process.

“Too many CSU faculty members are falling out of the middle class or unable to rise into it,” Wehr said. “That is painfully ironic given that the very purpose of a state university is to open the doors for our students to become middle class.”


I hope they stay out for a long time. It might help students who want a “real education” with the ability to look for alternatives and break the back of this “Monopoly” which saddles thousands of young people with huge student debt with little or no prospect of finding employment. I know it’s a dream but I can only hope.

The system in place does not work for most of our young people but works for the people who suck off the resources of students and parents. At the end of the day the current system needs to change.

So let them strike and hopefully it will collapse an old and dysfunctional system that serves only the people who are paid from it. I can only hope.


“open the doors for our students to become middle class.” Really? So how come the on campus parking lot is full of BMW’s, etc. Middle class for most of the students I see would be considered a demotion.


If we got rid of the Bullet Train to Oblivion that would free up some State money….