California Republicans dwindling, independents rising

February 23, 2016

Republican-vs.-Democratic-jpgRepublican Party membership is on the decline in California, while an increasing number of voters are registering “no party preference.” Democratic Party membership in California has flat lined recently, according to a report issued Monday by Secretary of State Alex Padilla. [LA Times]

Democrats represent 43 percent of register voters in the state, while Republicans now represent less than 28 percent. The now-15 percentage point spread between Democrats and Republicans has grown by three points over the last four years.

No Republican candidate has been elected to statewide office since 2006.

Decline to state registrants now comprise 24 percent of California’s registered voters. The total of independents increased from 16 percent in 2004, 20 percent in 2008 and 21 percent in 2012.

“New, young registrants are heavily independent and to a lesser extent Democratic, while elderly people are much more likely to be Republican, said Eric McGhee, an elections researcher for the Public Policy Institute of California. “Since people tend to stick with their party registration even if their politics change, this means we should expect these registration trends to continue.”

In San Luis Obispo County, overall voter registration is down one percent from last year. Even so, the percentage of registered Republicans and Democrats remains almost unchanged.

Currently, 39.3 percent of SLO County voters are registered Republican, 33 percent are registered Democratic and 21.3 percent are registered decline to state.

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It’s hard to fathom that SLO county is predominately Republican given we have Cal Poly right smack dab in the middle.

The large number of “declined to state” probably has something to do with it.

IMHO, I think many folks in this county are fiscal conservatives while socially fairly liberal, but their wallets do the talking.

With business interests so intertwined in such a small county, it’s hard to buck the majority and speak up if the folks buttering your bread are one way or the other.

example: If you’re in business and want other, related businesses to recommend you to their clients in the hope those clients use you as well — might be prudent to toe the party line, no matter what that party line is.

Trumps biggest issue, the one that gave him traction, is immigration.

You won’t hear the Republicans in SLO County track with Trump on that issue however. Big Grape and COLAB love the illegal immigrants being here to do all their work for much lower than what an American would demand.

We subsidize Big Grape and COLAB when we allow illegal immigrants to flow across the border, drag down our schools, commit crimes, and suck up healthcare.

(NOTE: most illegal immigrants are hardworking folks and not criminals, but the fringe does exact a toll on us; I’m not as hardcore as Trump about this.)

We do have legal immigrantion system: green cards for temporary residency, seasonal permits, and many other LEGAL processes to come here, work and then return home. They are paid, housed and did not bring their drugs, gangs and crime with them. But no, motels, hotels, restaurants, landscapers, etc. want them here illegally paid under the table with no benefits. Of course, our President and politicians strongly benefit from the lobbyist, corporations and big business including the wonderful corrupt Chamber of Commerce! Everyone benefits except the working class and the illegals!

I think what this statistic shows is that democrats are more comfortable being party loyalists while republicans have realized the party is only in it for the money. when the democrats realize the same fact with their party then we can hopefully get back to government by the people and for the people. Until then we will continue to have government of the government for the government. Like many I too started as a democrat, the became a republican and switched to no affiliation about 12 years ago.

It is so funny as I watch Donald’s victory tonight and how upset the Democrats seem at times on CNN and cannot understand the “Hope and Change” that Trump followers are claiming. They were choking on the fact he took the Latino vote! Awe, they had no problem with Obama and his hope and change but are choking on having to say in one sentence “Donald and Victory”. They don;t understand the establishment that send Republicans to Washington and sat on their ass doing nothing thanks to Bohner and theyare angry and don’t want anymore of this President, his ideas, his shoving it up our butts and governing like a dictator.

Republicans may be gone in California but look at the increase in Independents and look who has the momentum of this election season.

In a Trump vs Hillary election, I don’t see how California could be in play. Even if Hillary were indicted two weeks before the election she would still win California in a landslide.

New York on the other hand could be interesting as he is one of their own and she is the ultimate carpetbagger.

This headline is about as surprising as reading that water is wet (when temp is above 32F and at sea level).

Just look at what this country has became and the leaders (I use this term loosely) we have. It is no shock that The Donald has a 50-50 chance of being the next POTUS.

And, as was the case with Obama, if we get this (or the lying grandma) then we only

need to look in the mirror to see the reason why.

Just how low will we have to go as a country before it gets turned around. My bet is for much lower. Enjoy!!

Sadly true.

This one seems to becoming down as Capitalism vs Socialism. Capitalism: where the rich get powerful, and Socialism: where the powerful get rich. I am inclined to go with Trump, if indeed it is Trump vs Clinton, because Trump is an unknown, and with Hillary you know exactly what you are going to get.

When democrats are confounded by a poor performance of one of their political hero’s IE Obama they begin to call themselves independents. They are still liberal democrats but they are too embarrassed to admit it.

Except, it generally is republicans that drop their loser party. Democrats stick with their losers much longer.