Mountain lions eating more California pets

February 15, 2016

Mountain-LionMountain lions are increasingly eating cats and dogs in the Golden State, according to a California Department of Fish and Wildlife report. [SF Chronicle]

Last year, California residents legally killed 107 mountain lions under depredation permits. Scientists then analyzed the stomach contents of 83 of those mountain lions.

Of the mountain lions examined, at least 52 percent had eaten cats, dogs or other domestic animals. Eighteen percent of the mountain lions had stomach contents too digested to be identified.

Only 5 percent had eaten deer, which are considered to be the favorite prey of mountain lions. Deer are harder to catch than house cats.

Nine percent of the mountain lions had empty stomachs.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife warns pet owners to keep their cats inside and their dogs on leashes if they live near open space or are visiting park land.


How about the fact Americans have more pets than ever before – it’s at an almost epidemic proportion. So the lions are just reacting to and eating what is available.


The residents of SF and LA pass all the laws in this state that don’t make sense. That is why there is no mountain lion hunting…because those losers only see them in the zoo and think they are just harmless, lovable little pussycats.


I think that the one “thumb down” came from Robin Olson


I was just thinking about deer hunting this last summer. I was “glassing” (scanning the countryside by looking through the magnified scope of my rifle) when I saw a mountain lion “playing” with three fawns and their mother doe before killing/eating one of more of them.

The killing/eating is fine with me — that’s part of nature after all. But that feline habit of “playing” with their prey before killing them really torqued me off. Especially while watching the doe try to defend her children.

I made me wish I could do something. Anything! Then I remembered that a rifle was attached to the scope I was glassing through…


Shoot, shovel, shut up.


No shovel. Leave the carcass for the scavengers. They need to eat too…


Are you sure you weren’t looking at politicians dealing with their constituents?


Now if they would only chow down on the local Liars Guild.

Reality Check

Let’s get a perspective here. Mountain Lions’ territory is being encroached by humans moving into it. None of us want to lose a pet to a starving Lion, but keeping pets indoors and on leashes will help with that.


We have to live here too. Humans are as much a part of the eco system of earth as are lions.


Right, and cars and mcmansions have evolved from single cell organisms, too.


Another reason why feral humans should keep fifi and frufou on a leash when venturing into “open space.”

I did wonder about the 9% who were shot under depredation permits that had empty stomachs. What the? What had they been depredating if starved?


It sounds like more “depredation” is in order. Ammo isn’t as expensive or rare as it was a year or two ago…


Ammo that is legal to hunt with in CA is.

Ben Daho

I understand they are getting their necks broken by local wrestlers. How many of them didn’t get the memo?