Murder suicide in Atascadero

February 13, 2016

Police carTwo people were found dead Saturday in an apparent murder suicide in Atascadero, according to police.

At about 12:45 p.m., Atascadero police were dispatched to a home on Dulzura Avenue, just off Bajada Avenue, for a report of two deaths. Office arrived to find the bodies of two people in their 80s inside the residence.

Investigators from the Atascadero Police Department, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department and the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office determined the deaths were the result of a murder suicide.

CCN will be post updates about the incident as more information becomes available.

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As sad as it is that their son found their bodies, I would rather go out quickly with a bullet (and with my loved one by my side) than have our old, painful, ill lives drag on and on and on toward the same end.

I believe we as American’s are unique in how we treat the elderly toady. Rather than look to them for wisdom, we put them aside as though they are some kind of burden. Very sad indeed.

I don’t see how you/MEJ could GUESS the husband would be 88 or older. I have friends in the prime of life the women are the older ones.

With the state of California just recently allowing the terminally ill to decide when or if to end their own lives, I feel each person should make their own decision, and not someone else.

With a murder-suicide how do we know the other person really wished to end their life, and it was not done to them?

With the silver tsunami upon us, we need to look at ways to help people age and deal with the fact that all lives have an expiration date. Murder/suicide should not be an option mainly because one person is taking the other person’s life, whether agreed to or not.

I am saddened that this is how these people (possibly) decided to end their lives. What a sad,desperate and lonely way to leave this world. May they both rest in peace.

I understand your point but on the fact of how do we know if this was their wishes? We may or may not but even if we do, if both are dead who are you going to arrest? Not to be flippant but that is only way to phrase.

Second on desperate, one may have been terminal. Yes sad way to see end but sometimes people can be in extreme pain and while you and I might be able to handle that pain, who are we to judge someone else’s pain threshold. And it isn’t just about giving meds. You can hit a wall where even that no longer works. My wife is in medical field and I have heard of this happening.

End of life is a tough and divisive subject but it isn’t like they are killing to kill or are bad people. We can all understand their mental pain and what brought them to this and it must be the toughest choice in the world for them and neither I nor you are one who is appointed to sit in judgement of them on this type of thing.

The “Internet” shows one resident of the home to be 88 years old. It’s not hard to guess the husband would be 88 or older. I hate seeing the police blow this up as a murder-suicide. It should be a non news item and recorded as an end of life choice.

Blow up? Would you rather the police lie?

I’d rather them not say anything during an investigation. After the investigation, they could release details, such as both victims were terminally ill, or whatever the case may be.