Should SLO ban water bottles?

February 3, 2016

BanBottle4C_Final-430x244At the request of local environmental activists, the San Luis Obispo City Council voted to place  banning the sale of single-use water bottles at city events on an upcoming agenda.

The council voted 4-1 to direct staff to craft the ordinance. Councilmember  Carlyn Christianson cast the lone dissenting vote.

A group of activists requested that the city ban 21-ounce single-use water bottles and place water bottle refill stations at several locations, including parks and downtown.

Councilman John Ashbaugh said the ordinance would probably return to the council in a month or two.

A water bottle ban is not unprecedented. San Francisco adopted a similar ordinance in March 2014.


Like most, I’m tired of government reaching into our lives. But when idiots can’t get their pretty little plastic bottles into the recycling bin, they usually end up in the ocean, and that’s not cool. Ban ’em. If you die of dehydration just call it natural selection. But hey, give me convenience, or give me death ;).


Ban idiots, not bottles.


You can ban one idiot by voting Marx out.


What’s next?


See that big blue hand up above?

It’s going to be around our necks next.


It’s already in my back pocket.


Thought police


If the government would provide us with good tasting drinkable water we wouldn’t need plastic bottles. I know it is “safe” but it tastes awful, you used to be able to drink right from the tap.

That is the type of thing we should have our tax money go for not huge salaries and benefits.


So true! We used to drink from a garden hose. Now, water from the tap tastes like it’s coming from a swimming pool, or worse.


Nothing to be alarmed about its just your bath water.


Is that the goal of San Luis Obispo, to be more and more like San Francisco?

If it is, they’re well on their way, just keep it up.


I live in Los Osos and used to go to San Francisco and downtown SLO for fun, I now avoid them like ehe plague.


Really? This is a priority for SLO? Idiots.


Nope, no, and no, thank you. I do not need the government restricting anymore of my liberties- not in my Church, my bedroom, or my kitchen. I am a grown up and I know how to conserve and how to recycle. I


If you read the article, you will see it is talking about the city no longer selling single-use bottles at *city events*. Stores and private events can still sell whatever bottles they want, and you can still bring your own single use bottles to city events, so your liberties are not being restricted.


It’s a very slippery slope, and we all know it. What’s next?


Why not just ban Humans, they are a lot more destructive to the environment than are plastic water bottles, Styrofoam containers, bad odors, garage rooftop parties, cigarettes and plastic bags.


That is the ultimate goal of progressives.


Is farting next?

Are going to ban cars older then 2010?

How about going to every old house and make them remove the lead paint?

Are your trees to tall?

Are they going to demand all delivery trucks be electric?

When does this stop?

I saw a older vehicle with paint peeling, might as well out law that as well?

Who has the right to tell ALL of us what rights we have?


Stop giving them ideas. They do enough damage on their own.

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