Should SLO ban water bottles?

February 3, 2016

BanBottle4C_Final-430x244At the request of local environmental activists, the San Luis Obispo City Council voted to place  banning the sale of single-use water bottles at city events on an upcoming agenda.

The council voted 4-1 to direct staff to craft the ordinance. Councilmember  Carlyn Christianson cast the lone dissenting vote.

A group of activists requested that the city ban 21-ounce single-use water bottles and place water bottle refill stations at several locations, including parks and downtown.

Councilman John Ashbaugh said the ordinance would probably return to the council in a month or two.

A water bottle ban is not unprecedented. San Francisco adopted a similar ordinance in March 2014.


Ahhh… be a well-paid city staffer!

“Crafting ordinances” sure seems like a lucrative job. Keep the crazy ideas coming so the city government workers have something to do!


The City hired a full-time staffer whose job it is to write these types of ordinances. It’s not the fault of the city workers. Staff is just doing what the Council has directed them to do. The Council is the one that needs to be reeled in. Council needs to stop listening to the vocal minority.


Ban all Utopian minded numskulls because you will never be happy…you can ban everything you fear and dislike and you still will be miserable. Utopia is never going to arrive in time for you to see it. No trash in the streets, no global warming, no plastic bags, no plastic bottles, no oil trains, no oil pipelines, no oil trucks, no homeless, no lead paint, no big business, no Walmart, no McDonald’s, no unemployment, no employment, no guns, no bullets, no war, no bullies, no police shootings, no football, no drunk drivers, no riding without a helmet, no pain, no poverty, no jealousy, no anger, no smog, no killing, no fear, no unhappiness.

I believe they call that death.


That’s called progressive heaven.


Not only that but it will allow them to make another Gov.t overpaid job with all the beni’s to oversee more of their stupid crap, curiosity of you and I the taxpayer.


How about banning new laws?


Thank you Janny the Nanny.


Smoke and mirrors. It lets council pretend to be working. The mayor is Ban it Janet. Off with their heads!


Instead why not attach a hefty return deposit fee. Hopefully encouraging most to return instead of disposing of the bottles…or encourage the use of refillable bottles.


Amazing to hear this nonsense. Not sure if still the case but when CA. went to mandatory recycling back in the eighties, we had the best recycling rate in the nation. Experts thought it take some years to get us recycling. We don’t need big brother telling us our every move. You may but I moved out of mom and dad’s house years ago thanks.

Jorge Estrada

FYI— I had a discussion with someone who is a plastics engineer, his comment to me was that he does not drink from any plastic container. I’m certain that he knows allot more about plastics than I do. We may be going back to broken bottles on the bottom of lakes and streams for health reasons, a little strange but likely for the better.


This, and also require that everyone living in SLO must drive a Ford Diesel Super Duty V-8 Diesel pick-up truck, with raised suspension, mega-exhaust, tinted windows, never carrying anything in the bed, and always keeping the engine idling while parked.


Hell yes, I made a butt load of money with Georgia-Pacific stock with the plastic bag scare, now I’ll look at Alcoa to fill the latest void created by the “visionaries” on the City Council.

Whats next SLO, give me a hint please. You’re like money in the bank!