SLO father and son arrested for fatal stabbing

February 5, 2016
Joe Olivio Jr. and Joe Olivio III

Joe Olivio Jr. and Joe Olivio III

A father-son duo from San Luis Obispo were arrested this week for the December 2014 murder of a 14-year-old boy in Northern California. The teen was stabbed in Eureka and left bleeding for more than eight hours before he died in a hospital. [KCRTV]

The father, 37-year-old Joe Olivio Jr., is currently a resident of supermax security Pelican Bay State Prison. Olivio Jr. is a validated Mexican mafia gang member who is also affiliated with the Sureno gang.

Investigators believe an internal dispute in the Sureno gang factored into the murder.

Joe Olivio III, 18, is a Sureno gang member. San Luis Obispo County probation and gang task officers arrested him this week.

Olivio Jr. has had contacts in Eureka since 2008. His son has had contacts in the Humboldt County city since 2012.

Two other alleged Surreno gang members are also charged in the murder case. One of the suspects, 30-year-old Mario Nunez, is also currently housed in Pelican Bay.

Both Olivio Jr. and Nunez were arrested at the supermax prison.

On the morning of Dec. 17, 2014, a citizen found Jesus Romero-Garcia lying in the rain on the front lawn of a home in Eureka. At the time, the citizen did not notice Romero-Garcia had suffered any injuries.

Police arrived and found that Romero-Garcia had been stabbed. He died in the hospital emergency room about an hour later.

Romero-Garcia suffered three wounds in his upper front thorax area, as well as several defensive knife wounds to his forearm.

Investigators believe Romero-Garcia was stabbed at one location, then transported to somewhere near the spot where he was found hours later.

Two days following the murder, police received an anonymous letter detailing the killing and who was involved. After an investigation that lasted more than a year, officers arrested the suspects who were identified in the letter.

Several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, took part in the investigation.

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Thanks to all those who support and elect candidates that do not believe in enforcing our immigration laws and have invited this type of scum to California. Thanks to a Governor that can not show his support to illegals enough, can not stop showing his gratitude for their invasion of this country because it would make him feels so guilty for being an American citizen.

Multiculturalism works great when people are willing to give up the culture of their country and kow tow to those who immigrate here and allow them to change us.

They murdered a child. And had to gang up to do it. What cowards.

Death penalty please.

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny…without a doubt.

Kid never had a chance. I’m sure his mom is president of the PTA. But since our prison system is broken, Jr. Will have conjugal visit rights and spawn a new litter of future gang banging thugs to carry on the family name.

“environment isn’t everything, but it’s certainly most of it”

BS diamond. He had a chance. He just didn’t do what was the right thing. We all have 2 choices. Right or Wrong. He chose wrong. Period.

Suppose, and I’m just spit balling here, but just suppose he, like his father, was NEVER taught right from wrong? Think about it.

Bullcrap! My dad grew up the son of a wife-beating alcoholic and turned out just fine!

Prison justice may take care of it.

If my child was the one who was murdered, I would become a pen pal to every skin head, gang member hating inmate in that prison, complete with photos and gory details of my baby’s agonizing 8 hour death. I would then wait and hope that “situation” sorted itself out.

I don’t care how that sounds. If that was my kid, I would have lost my shit and that kid would probably not survived long enough to be arrested. I can feel my blood boiling at the thought of a 14 year old bleeding, alone, and scared for 8 hours. The worse thing in the world in my opinion is to die alone. To do it to a scared child deserves a special level of punishment.

Sort of like a barmitzva for mexican gang members. Commit your first murder and you can become a man.

Keep those porous borders flowing!!

I would like to know if they were living in SLO in government housing (Section 8 , SLO City subsidized housing, etc.) which is ALL throughout SLO in spite of what most residents think.

Sounds like a great topic to investigate. How many gang bangers are in slo section 8?

Silly me. I use to just go fishing and thinks like that with my dad.

As the very liberal Principal of the High School where I used to work once told me, “It’s cultural.” Didn’t like that excuse then, don’t like it now.

And the problem with “Multiculturalism”. It’s a load of crap spoon fed to us slowly by the progressive’s who have always had in their sights to bring down this Country.

It’s working very well. For the brain dead.