SLO fire burns homeless woman’s belongings

February 10, 2016

A homeless woman who was sleeping on the property of a San Luis Obispo Vons awoke late Tuesday night to find her belongings on fire. The blaze destroyed her possessions, San Luis Obispo Battalion Chief Bob Bisson said.

At about 11 p.m., a motorist spotted the fire burning behind the Von’s shopping center on Industrial Way not far from the location of a recent arson fire. Fire department investigators were unable to determine the cause of the Tuesday night fire.

The homeless woman did not see anyone in the area when she noticed her belongings were on fire, Bisson said. The possessions were about 100 feet away from where she was sleeping.

After the woman’s belongings caught fire, the blaze spread into the nearby brush. San Luis Obispo firefighters responded and extinguished the vegetation fire.

On Jan. 26, an early morning fire burned storage containers at a San Luis Obispo Goodwill, which is also located on Industrial Way. Fire officials ruled arson as the cause of the Goodwill fire.

Last year, more than 40 cases of suspected arson occurred in San Luis Obispo, according to the city’s police department. On Dec. 28, police arrested 45-year-old Deon Bridewell for starting a fire earlier that day.

However, Bridewell was released from custody and charges were never filed.

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Aren”t you the fortunate one. No doubt all is well in your world. And an upstanding member of the community. Beware, you may wake up one morning to find yourself in this position . Clean up and find a job, you say. I’d bet at least half the homeless found themselves in the “homeless situation” after becoming unemployed. In todays economy and jobs on the decline you do realize how many applicants there are rallying for one position. These unfortunate people had probably owned their own homes at one time and were upstanding citizens such as you. Are you referring to “clean up” as to bathe or are you implying that all homeless people are on drugs or alcohol? Have you no compassion? Many of the homeless are vets. They fought for your rights and freedom yet you condemn them because our government has abandoned them. If your so righteous why havent you submitted a solution to help get them off the streets. Maybe we should just round them up and take them all out to the desert and put them in makeshift tent cities where the “”eyesores” will be far from your perfect world, I have no doubt you probably consider yourself a “good christian as well.

Does no one get it?

Count the number of fires related to homeless in this county in the past year, there is a real problem and huge fire potential when they start one in our wildlands, such as the State property at the back of Black Hill and the Golf course in Morro Bay or highway 41 where they live in their junky illegal motorhomes on the side of the highway. I realize being homeless is not a crime, but camping on state property without a permit is and so is living on the side of the highway. Sorry they are homeless, they should clean up and get a job.

Oh we get it, but I don’t think you’re getting it. These fires are being started so that the homeless are blamed for them. That is becoming very clear.

How truly sad…sometimes when you are at the bottom and you’re balancing on top a three legged stool, something or someone kicks it out from under you.

She’s very lucky the arsonist didn’t set her on fire too. This chump needs an old fashioned country ass whooping.

So….let me guess….then they left her with no belongings and drove off.

Maybe she can live with you.

So the arsonist set fire to her belongings while she was asleep? This is a bad actor.