SLO man breaks mountain lion’s neck. Or does he?

February 8, 2016

Mountain-LionUPDATE:  Mountain lion attack story determined to be a hoax

“Robin Olson of San Luis Obispo claimed he was attacked by a mountain lion Saturday afternoon while hiking in Prefumo Canyon.

Upon further investigation, his claim has been determined to be a hoax.” [KSBY]


Original article: A San Luis Obispo man and former NCAA wrestler fought off a mountain lion that attacked him Saturday evening near a Prefumo Canyon hiking trail. The mountain lion died in the struggle. [KSBY]

Robin Olson was hiking with his son around 5:30 p.m. They wandered off the trail and came in contact with a mountain lion.

Olson told his son to run away, he said. Olson tried to avoid the mountain lion, but the animal lunged at him and started attacking.

The former wrestler grabbed the mountain lion’s neck. He held onto the cat’s neck as it was scratching him, Olson said.

During the struggle, Olson broke the mountain lion’s neck, killing it instantly. He left with numerous scratches on his body.

Olson said he regrets what happened and that he loves animals. He said he just happened to be in the mountain lion’s space by accident.

His experience should be a lesson to other hikers to stay on the trails, he said.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife instructs hikers not to run if they come in contact with a mountain lion. Rather than running, hikers should make noise and try to look big by waving their arms.


KSBY’s credibility lies in question here. Sensationalism sells, no matter how true the story. CCN should also take more caution.


Tall tales have been told for thousands of years. It’s only size of the audience and swiftness of spread that are new.


Ignorance kills innocent animals. This man should not sleep at nights for the rest of his life.

Black Copter Pilot

Why would you say such a thing?


Ksby reports the guy is a liar.

Good job to those who questioned this hoax.


Nice to see KSBY has the ability to admit to a mistake and remove a false story. Not all news outlets will remove bogus reports even after proven false.


Totally bogus. No way a man wrestled a full sized cat and won.


Has anyone seen my lioness corpus….


The scratches on his lower leg that were shown on KSBY were more consistent with those of a brush encounter, not from the claws of any mountain lion.


KSBY has taken down their story about the incident, no video….something doesn’t add up here…I’d like to see more evidence other than this guys story before I believe it. Sounds made up to me…


The injury pattern doesn’t add up. They are superficial scratches in a random pattern that would be delivered by walking through thick brush. A mountain lion’s claws would have created parallel DEEP lacerations. Not to mention that it’s hard to fathom how he could have avoided a single bite.