Atascadero Wal-Mart construction may begin soon

March 25, 2016

5439_1069277959784788_90212113121448506_nWal-Mart has submitted plans in preparation for constructing its Atascadero store. Builders may break ground on the project late this summer. [Tribune]

After seven years of contentious debate, the Atascadero City Council approved the Wal-Mart project in 2012. A group of citizens then filed a lawsuit, but judges ruled against the suit in both the San Luis Obispo and appellate court.

The planned Wal-Mart will consist of 123,000 square feet of building space and a 6,500 square-foot garden center. The store will be located at the southeast corner of the intersection of El Camino Real and Del Rio Road.

Previous plans have indicated the Wal-Mart will employ about 250 people. It is expected to generate about $580,000 a year in sales tax revenue.

Wal-Mart recently submitted plans for grading and roadway construction. Permitting for construction is not yet complete, but workers could soon begin making drainage improvements, constructing a parking lot and preparing the building pad on which the store will be constructed.

The company is making separate plans for off-site road improvements, including a roundabout at Del Rio Road and El Camino Real. Wal-Mart and Atascadero are expected to share traffic mitigation costs, but it is unclear if the city has the funds to do so.

City officials hope the store will open sometime in 2017.


Wish it was a Costco.


Trumponomics baby, trumponomics. It took years to destroy American manufacturing and it will take years to rebuild it but it time to say adios to garbage poisoning China imports and yes American jobs and products. You dont like that then go live in the third world shit hole that makes your favorite products.


Welcome to Atascadero….


They should build it next to Home Depot. One massive parking lot to provide the target drop zone for the Chinese cargo bombers to air drop their junk merchandise.

While destroying the property values of possibly hundreds of homes, creating a massive traffic circle jerk at Del Rio and El Camino, more smog and lots of trash, this could quite frankly if engineered thoughtfully, create an semi outdoor mega center of ethnically diverse & enhanced quality products we can all afford and cherish within out homes. Oh and lets not forget 250 high paying “associate” jobs sure to provide the pathway of home ownership here in paradise.


Don’t like Wal-mart? Don’t shop there.


“It is expected to generate about $580,000 a year in sales tax revenue.”

Oooo, that’s enough to hire at least two to three more government slugs full time! (average in the actual costs of government “manager” types). I told you money grows on trees!


The fact that this has taken so long reflects the absolute selfishness, ignorance and stubbornness of some of our county neighbors. Progress is a good thing new stores new jobs new careers. The folks that stood in the way of this project all these years should be ashamed of themselves.


The anti Walmart/anti non union store folks can thumbs down me all you want but none of you can defend your position giving the state of the economy and unemployment numbers in our county the last 7 years. The Walmart store would have helped many of your neighbors with jobs and lower priced goods within the city when gas prices were at nearly $4 a gallon but you didn’t give a you know what as long as you had things your way. Well now we will see how wrong you were. Thank You Common Sense! Welcome Walmart!

fishing village

Walmart is full of staples and everyday products at half the cost at other stores , yes half!, They will employ 250 people and that’s not a bad thing! Living on a limited budget I have been able to ‘survive’ on bargains from Walmart. In Paso Robles the clerks are friendly and always recognize us. We look forward to a new store in Atascadero.


So what happens where there is no “other store” to be half price of?

Kaiser Bill

No one saves money by shopping at Wal Mart aka China Junk Mart.

Wal Mart’s minimum wage workers end up on the dole for health care and other governmnet assistance that the tax payers subsidize.

Wal Mart and Apple and other countries need to make products on our land once again so American workers are no longer on the dole!


“No one saves money by shopping at Wal Mart aka China Junk Mart.”

So I assume you will be voting to make America Great Again?


You should have moved to Paso then. You’re a terrible citizen shopping in another town to save a few bucks on ‘staples’ that you don’t need. Learn to read the ads, Example …Vons TP is the best deal when it’s on sale.


Weird, we have a Wally’s in our town and the prices are no better than the other stores in town. Except for birdseed I do buy the birdseed there.

Kaiser Bill

Slap a 35 percent tariff on all made in China junk Wal Mart sells, like what will happen to Carrier Air Conditioning in January 2017!