Black Lives Matter banner stolen from SLO church

March 5, 2016

399181_187309941440259_1983793252_nA banner sporting the protest movement slogan “Black Lives Matter” has been stolen from a San Luis Obispo church. It is the second time a Black Lives Matter banner has been taken down from the San Luis Obispo church, and other churches in the county say they, too, have had Black Lives Matter banners stolen or vandalized. [Tribune]

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, which is located near Broad and South streets, first put up a Black Lives Matter banner last summer. Later in the summer, it was cut from its moorings and left folded up in the church yard.

On Feb. 19, a thief tore down the banner and took off with it. After that incident, the church filed a police report.

Church leaders say they will put another Black Lives Matter banner up. Church members are currently discussing the size and location of the new banner.

Meanwhile, they have already put up yet another banner, this one in support of immigrant and LGBT rights. The banner states, “Standing on the side of Love.”

On March 10, the interfaith alliance People of Faith for Justice will hold a Black Lives Matter conversation about race. The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is part of the alliance.

Many critics of the Black Lives Matter movement say, “All lives matter,” not just black lives.

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As this site states,, the official percentage of black on black killing is not that much higher than white on white. But leave it Trump to distort the facts to placate the dim witted. If you don’t think Blacks are not discriminated against more than whites just read the posts and likes on this page and the popularity of Trump with his divisive, distorted rhetoric.

As far as SamLouis I don’t think religious organizations need permits for signs on their own property but you could turn in Hamish Marshall for the illegal banners he has displayed at his new Quiky car wash on Calle Joaquin.

Politifact is a left wing web site… Their facts!

Black on black crime is so bad in the inner cities like Chicago that Raul Emmanuel (Chief of Staff for President Obama) is now counting an incident with multiple shootings and killings as ONE, not an actually count of the victims. Guess the black on black does not matter to them!

George Soros, Google and Taco Bell would serve the black communities better by helping them resolve this matter instead of providing money for race baiting. Guess it does not support the Democratic Agenda.

The founders of the BlackLivesMatter movement, three black women, where two are LESBIANS, does not square with the Hebrew God’s Christian bible when it relates to morality. These women may care about injustice and racism, but they hold in high esteem in normalizing sexual deviance and deconstructing the biblical definition of family. Blaspheme!

BlackLivesMatter calls for violence and lawlessness, therefore, true Christians have reasons to resist aligning with this ungodly movement, its LESBIAN founders, and their core convictions of same sex marriage and championing the celebration of homosexuality.

“There are two genders: male and female, period. The Bible is crystal clear when it comes to God’s creation. “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27) Our Hebrew Yahweh god of the Christian faith created man in His image, and He was not queer! 2+2=4.

Someone should start up a fund-drive to replace it with a “Self-Loathing Guilty Whites Want to Matter” and hang that up.

Just because you put up a sign for a made-up cause, does not make you any less racist than you know you are. You want to end racism, stop looking at everything in black and white terms. Dr. King is probably spinning in his grave.

When do black lives matter enough to black people that they stop killing black people?

I will believe and support the cause when they start going after all the blacks that kill blacks because that in the biggest danger to the race. I recommend everyone on this site go o the stats on Monday mornings and see how many shootings and killings take place every weekend in Chicago alone. Solve your internal problems and maybe your cause will be real. Racist at this point and yes, no better than the KKK only with black robes and Al Sharpton one of the worst race baiters on this Country and look at how many times he has been to the White House.

These banners are nothing more than an attempt by the UUF to gain some free publicity in the hopes of filling a few more chairs on Sunday.

Such a terribly racist and divisive sign.

Put it back up but I’m going to make darned sure that this fellowship has the correct city permits for such a sign.

“Black lives Matter” is the same as the KKK.

Either all lives matter or No lives matter

That’s actually really well said.