Paso Robles basin vote remains primarily unchanged

March 12, 2016

water moneyAfter counting more than 600 ballots postmarked March 8 but received after Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorders Office reported results that were primarily unchanged. The public resoundingly rejected the formation of a Paso Robles water district.

With another 605 ballots counted, 73.10 percent of voters rejected the formation of a Paso Robles basin district.

Of the 4,830 Measure B-16 formation ballots mailed out, 63.9 percent or 3,086 were returned. Of those, 2,253 were against and 829 were in favor of forming a water district.

According to Friday’s report, 77.34 percent of landowners voted against implementing a special tax to fund the district. Of the 7,291 Measure A-16 funding ballots mailed out, 61.7 percent or 4,500 were returned. Of those, 3,475 voted no and 1,018 voted yes.

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I would not call this politics, the term that comes to mind is self serving.

Check out the comments on the Tribune article. Looks like people are figuring out the Adam Hill thing.

I am blown away at the dishonesty coming out of the tribune editorial board. First they chide the voters who didn’t participate as if those peoples votes would have changed the outcome.

NEWSFLASH to the tribune … Even if the missing voters would have gone 100% in favor, it would have not changed the outcome because so many voters had voted in opposition.

Today the editorial board trumpets support for the State coming in and managing the basin which is now the posture of Hill and Gibson and apparently Meacham (the Sell Out)

The tribune editorial board has sold out the citizens rights for the certain big money people who are likely lining the tribs pockets. The trib also protects Hill who is as dishonest as it gets. Same with Gibson.

The tribune is unethical and a lost cause …. Dump your subscriptions along with so many of us that already have.

I too, dumped our subscription, but just received my ‘Vice President’s Special Offer!”

Sorry Trib, we just can’t and won’t support you.

Achadjian did the bidding for resnick with the help of meachum,hill and gibson. And we are fortunate to have Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton actually representing their constituents. But , I feel these people are not going to give up trying to steal our water for their own benefit. We must remain vigilant. I also want to recognize Cindy Steinbeck for all of her help.

Achadjian wants a promotion to represent us in Congress; he has shown his contempt for us by introducing legislation that would allow for this fiasco. Retire him and Hill.

Yeah! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Time to Get out of office All that voted for this horrible take over but failed.

The people spoke and they said loud and clear BACK OFF COUNTY GOVERNMENT!

Here you have the chance to vote out THE BULLY Adam Hill and vote in Dan Carpenter, Character Matters. (radio ad)

The people have spoken, the question now is will the hack politicians care?