Sheriff deputy testifies against DA investigator

March 26, 2016

justice 2A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy testified Thursday that a former District Attorney investigator was stubborn, inexperienced and untruthful while working with the Narcotics Task Force. [Tribune]

After deputies reported A.J. Santana lied to a judge in an affidavit while on loan to the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force, Santana was charged with a felony count of perjury. If found guilty, Santana faces a maximum sentence of three years in jail.

In Aug. 2014, Santana was working with the Narcotics Task Force on setting up a controlled buy in order to obtain a search warrant. The target of the investigation was suspected drug dealer Tommy Pappas, a San Miguel resident.

During the controlled buy, a confidential informant was supposed to purchase drugs from Pappas and hand them over to Santana. That occurred, according to Santana’s affidavit.

But, members of the narcotics unit who witnessed the incident said the informant’s wife got into the the man’s vehicle before he gave the drugs to Santana. That compromised the control buy because the wife could have provided the drugs.

Santana then allegedly falsified key details in an affidavit in order to secure a search warrant for Pappa’s home.

On Sept. 3, officers, including Santana, served a warrant at the suspect’s home where they reportedly found a small amount of methamphetamine. After discovering Santana allegedly lied to a judge, the District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges against Pappas.

Santana’s trial resumes Monday.

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how embarrassing.

for the cops. fighting the drug war is despicable sub human action.

Hey Roy, how do you suppose Santana’s lying was exposed?

The deputies, of which you seem to have a low opinion, are the ones who caught Santana’s lie and then turned him in to the sheriff, who promptly removed him from their narcotics unit.

I don’t know who put a weed up your ass about the sheriff’s department, but I suggest you get over it…

which group of liars do i believe here

I’m sorry, but are we still supposed to be shocked by yet more news of failed human beings who work in government? I do not think highly of this DA nor the sheriff’s department at this point in our history.

I’m sure there’s one or two “good” apples, but I’m thinking the safe bet is that they’re all not the “best” we could do. Yet we continue to pay them like they are. The blame is ours.

On what do you base your opinion of the DA?

DA Dan Dow, who had only been in office for 3 months, did the right thing by dropping the charges against Pappas. What is your problem, rOy?

If he’s convicted of the perjury charge there’s going to be a buttload of people looking to get their convictions tossed that he had any part of.



Guess he lied about who was naughty or nice….