SLO student’s Facebook post said “Columbine of Duty 2”

March 3, 2016

Guns_1000A San Luis Obispo High School student who was arrested Friday for making criminal threats posted text on Facebook stating, “Columbine of Duty 2” and “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”  The text appeared on images of the student holding what looked like a machine gun and a rifle, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

“Columbine of Duty 2” appears to reference the Columbine High School massacre and the Call of Duty first-person shooter video game series.

After San Luis Obispo officers searched the student’s home, they determined the weapons that appeared in the Facebook posts were actually airsoft guns, which shoot plastic BBs. Officers also found several real guns at the residence and seized them for safekeeping.

Earlier this week, media reported that San Luis Obispo police arrested the student after he posted photos on Facebook of himself holding airsoft guns while dressed in military attire, prompting many community members to criticize the arrest. SLOPD then issued a press release providing more information about the case.

On Friday, the probation department contacted the San Luis Obispo school resource officer and emailed images of the Facebook posts. One photo showed the student in a trench coat holding what appeared to be a weapon similar to a Mac 10 machine gun, as well as a handgun in his waistband, according to the press release.

Another photo showed the side of an AR-15 rifle with the selector lever pointing toward semi-auto. That photo contained the text, “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”

The student shared the images with friends on Facebook. In response to a posts, one person commented, “if ur gonna shoot up the school just do it already.”

The suspect replied by writing, “Fuck you… I’ll do it when im ready.”

Investigators say the weapons in the Facebook posts appeared to be real guns. Officers also say they discovered several other concerning photos.

Police and school administrators pulled the student out of class on Friday and escorted him off campus. During questioning, the student admitted to posting the information on Facebook that officers discovered, according to police.

Previous reports suggested the student admitted to officers he made a mistake, but he said the photos were playful banter with friends who understood he was joking.

Officers arrested the student and booked him in SLO County Juvenile Hall on the lone charge of making criminal threats. An investigation is ongoing and other charges could be added.

Ted Slanders

To help put this in perspective, the naysayers that state the police went overboard, and beforehand, if you saw this picture tied to the student in question, and with making the remarks that he did, would you have still sent your children to school?

Unfortunately, we live in a new era where balancing freedom and safety is going to be ever so challenging.

“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14)


So, once again, we are reminded that we do not have a gun problem, we have a crazy immature person problem. Let’s hope some other nut-jobs don’t pull a home invasion on his house now that his family is disarmed…


Well, it certainly seems like a criminal offense, i.e. PC 422. But… if the student is in custody, there is no justification for the seizure of guns that do not belong (presumably) to the defendant.

It should be noted that this county has its share of officers that do not care for the law, see the case of Matt Hart. It is doubtful the lawful owner of these firearms will see them again, they will be safely stored in the SLOPD armory (or an officer’s home gun safe).


How long will the kid be in custody and will the guns be accessible to him when he gets out on bail or on his parents guarantee?


I do think, once the police released the whole story, they did right thing in this incident and it is always better to be safe then sorry especially in this day and age when people are so angry.

So, Adam Hill can threaten people, make false claims of threats against him and his family (remember Caren Ray did the same thing with the BB gun and front window incident), act irrational, etc. and no one goes and checks him out. Do we know if he has guns in his household? We have all read about Adam Hills multiple irrational behavior issues on this site and in public for how many years now. Anyone know if he owns a gun, because I think he is more dangerous then this kid.

Every time I read another story or hear about another incident involving Adam Hill I recall “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Something is not right with this man and I am not even talking about his corrupt politics.


What exactly did the “probation department” have to do with this?


Great question. That is a possible clue that this kid has history with the criminal justice system.


Thank you CCN, for updating this story. A lot of senseless comments were made on the last story by people jumping to conclusions.


Free speech has limits, which include making threats, and this kid stepped over the line.

I’m no fan of government, however, how can one fault erring on the side of caution by removing this kid from school and arresting him for making criminal threats. Let the courts sort out his guilt or innocence and any penalty that may be associated with the behavior.

Parents of kids at SLO High are breathing a sigh of relief right now, including me.

Ben Daho

If he was 7 years old, I’d think he had slight issues. Times have changed. We MUST set an example.


“Officers also found several real guns at the residence and seized them for safekeeping.”

Presumably the real guns did not belong to this kid, and there’s no proof (at least in this article)that the kid ever handled them. So law enforcement has the right to take someone’s guns away based on the idiot social media ramblings of a stupid family member?

Rich in MB

If the parents didn’t know what their kid was up to on FaceBook and at school, then they could be too stupid themselves to own a gun.

the situation

No…. law enforcement took the guns because they felt (and are right in feeling so) that the KID WAS A THREAT. Given the numerous tragedies that have occurred over the years in schools, the cops had to take the threats seriously and were well within their rights to confiscate the guns in the house


If “the kid was the threat”, and they took the kid, they could have left the guns, especially belonging to someone else.


I suspect his parents will NEVER see their guns again.

If they weren’t already secured in the home, the parents should have been given the opportunity to do so — even if they had to move them offsite.

To confiscate their firearms is indeed troubling.


If they weren’t properly secured in the home, the parents are likely too irresponsible to be entrusted with them. If they were properly secured and the kid didn’t have the combinations to the safe or locks, the parents should be able to get them back. I’m not saying that they will, but they should.


“Properly secured” based on whose definition? “Should” be able to get them back? They shouldn’t have been removed from the house in the first place.

This really is troubling.


I guessing the guns were not properly looked up in a gun safe, and easily accessible to anyone friend or foe

the situation

Shame on all go you who verbally attacked the police. They acted correctly and followed protocol. Lesson learned, don’t be so quick to judge…


I agree with you. The police may have just stopped a school massacre. Who knows what this kid was really thinking. I’m glad someone had the sense to alert officials.


It’s that “protocol” that many are questioning.


Maybe if the police would have given the whole story and not just the pieces they wanted to spin we would not have taken the positions stated yesterday in the first release. Why is it so hard for people to be honest, open and transparent. Is this what we can expect from our new police chief, spins? She will fix it great with the current administration!


Maybe if the press and the public weren’t so quick to demand information, the police would have time to make sure everything they had to say was accurate and complete before putting out any info.

This is one of my 3 big problems with this site. It is (like most news organizations — especially online) in too big a hurry to get the news out first and doesn’t always get either the complete story or sometimes even the correct details in the process. I have learned to take “breaking news” posted on CCN with a grain of salt until some time has passed to verify it.

Unfortunately, a LOT of others commenting here are prone to accepting everything posted as gospel truth. I guess any excuse to unload opinions is important to some.