Twisted road to the Paso Robles water basin vote

March 11, 2016
Supervisor Bruce Gibson

Supervisor Bruce Gibson


Following their failed bid to form a Paso Robles water district, San Luis Obispo County supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson are wanting the state to take over management of the basin claiming county funds should not be used. A change in strategy as Hill and Gibson had previously battled to have the cost of funding the election transferred from its proponents to county taxpayers.

During the past decade, amid talks of the proposed water district, a group of large land owners and investment groups from throughout the United States began purchasing large swatches of the North County. Several decades earlier, a Kern County water district enabled some of the same players to make millions because of water banking and the sale of paper water.

In order to form another layer of taxpayer funded local government, proponents are generally required to bring their proposal and the signatures of 50 percent of the voters to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). The agency then requires a bond to be purchased to pay for the election should the measure fail.

However, in 2014, San Luis Obispo County supervisors Hill, Gibson and Frank Mecham asked Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian to draft a bill that would change the requirements for the proposed water district formation. In 2014, Assembly Bill 2453 passed permitting the proponents of the Paso Robles water district to circumvent the LAFCO process, wave the 50 percent signature requirement and allow the SLO County Board of Supervisors to have the taxpayers cover the almost $1 million cost of an election.

By doing so, the costs the proponents of the Paso Robles water district would have needed for the vote could be used for advertising. Proponents of the district then outspent opponents by more than $20 to $1.

The Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions and Yes on A-16 raised $436,708 to promote the district. An opposing group, The Paso Robles Water Integrity Network, raised $20,084, according to the latest filing with the county.

Supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton, who were both opponents of the Paso Robles water district, believe the SLO County Public Works Department is fully capable of doing the work necessary to bring the basin into compliance with new laws at a fraction of the money the new district would have cost.


Oh duplicitous Bruce. Your moral doppelgänger must be Donald Trump. Except he has bigger hands.

The No! vote was 77%. Bruce, that’s another way of saying STAY IN YOUR OWN F’n DISTRICT!


Gibson is a lot more like Clinton.

A power hungry liar.


Wonder if Adam lost some big donors for his re-election. He and Bruce are such slimy individuals


Here is a new FaceBook page “Adam Hill Videos.” This collection shows the past few years of Adam Hill’s tomfoolery. Feel free to post your favorite Adam Hill video!

Can Adam Hill.

Rich in MB

Are the Democrats in SLO really proud of who they have elected and what they are doing?

It’s time to boot Adam Hill and elect someone who will represent the people, not try to lord over them. That man is Dan Carpenter.


And that woman is Debbie Peterson.

For SURE the job is NOT for Adam Hill. He has failed miserably . . . in that we are all miserable.


Carpenter is the person that’s going to beat Hill like a conga drum…

Kaiser Bill

Yes, the Democrats in SLO are as proud of Adam Hill as they are of the violent thugs who disrupted the peaceful Trump rally in Chicago tonight.


“of the violent thugs who disrupted the violent thug Trump rally in Chicago tonight.”

Fixed it for you.

Also peaceful = Suckerpunch @ a Drumph rally.


Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson you lost but since you are underhanded and EVIL you come out of the cracks to find a way to swindle the basin land owners.

Frank Mecham you got it wrong and will you stop the two BAD Bullies from stealing water from this county? You can’t pretend you care! You helped billionaires come here to take from us legally and now the people spoke and you should apologize for you VOTES!!!!


“to find a way to swindle the basin land owners”

If the county oversee’s the basin, there will be some costs and therefore some “fees” to manage it, SOP.


It would be nice if Adam Hill would resign.


The beauty of a grassroots movement…

It’s not about the money, it’s about the message.

Re-Elect Jim Hill AG Mayor 2016


Sweet that outspending the peons 20 to 1 didn’t pay off for the fat cats.


So once again it comes to show that Adam and Bruce do not have the best interest of the county in mind while manipulating the public. I thank all those who voted, it would be nice if Bruce, Adam and Frank took notice but I do not think they have the mental strength.


Did you ever think Gibson and Hill had the interest of the people in their district or the county in mind? Most everyone knows Gibson and Hill have been bought and paid for for may some time now. Even Gibson and Hill supporters know this but don’t have a problem with it possible since those paying the Adam and Bruce are of the same mindset as their supporters. We can only hope in the upcoming election enough of the voters District 3 realize they have had enough of bought and paid for supervisors and send Hill packing.

Mitch C

Add Achadjian to the list of losers; he was fully complicit in introducing legislation that would screw the people. In June vote ABA, anybody but Achadjian.