Cal Poly faculty to receive 10.5 percent raise

April 9, 2016

Cal Poly LargeJust days before Cal Poly professors were to begin a five-day strike, the California State University System and the California Faculty Association agreed Friday to a tentative contract agreement.

After almost a year of wrangling over salaries at the CSU’s 23 campuses, an agreement to provide a staggered pay increase of 10.5 percent over the next two years was reached. The deal will provide raises to approximately 26,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches.

Before Friday’s agreement can be ratified, it needs final approval by union members and the Cal State Board of Trustees.

On June 30, faculty members will receive a 5 percent raise in pay and another 2 percent increase follows on July 1. On July 1, 2017, the final 3.5 percent raise will kick in.


Of course they need a raise! How else will they afford the expensive fast food being put together by $15/hour people? Duh… ;-)


The “Middle class” and small business owners haven’t had a pay increase in 7 plus years….


This is just another step of the ongoing government pay scam. The professors demand a raise because the administrators have had a raise, next the clerks demand a raise because the professors got one, then on to the janitors and so on and so forth until it is time to get back to the administrators. I am a small businessman and i have been increasing my prices a little each year, but not to increase my profits rather the prices go up to cover all the other costs that keep rising. And the government says inflation is small. Government wage increases lead the way in the cost of everything going up. Government employees as a whole are the most overpaid under-worked group of employees on the planet and they just keep demanding more. I wish all small businesses could somehow create a union demanding more money, guaranteed employment for life and a lifetime pension or we go on strike and shut down the economy, but the government would bring out the police and IRS and others and force us to get back to work to support their lifestyle. Big government sucks the life out of the economy.

I personally know several Poly professors they are really nice, honest, caring, intelligent people, i do not begrudge them their due, but when will it ever stop? Never until taxes are so high that their is no more economy.

Mr. Holly

The next taxable thing is to raise the sales tax in SLO by 1/2% for road repair and boost the budget of SLOCOG to figure out how to spend the money.

With all of the increase in taxes, school bonds, pay increase and fees my social security check will have no value. Thank you politicians for watching out for me.


It makes one think, for all those years where did all the money go that was supposed to go to roads and infrastructure maintenance and repair????…… we all know, salaries, pension, and benefits, but we can never touch that money. Back when the economy was slow, our government leaders were often heard saying they did a wonderful job balancing everything and managed to do so without cutting a single government job, where that was the first thing they should have been cutting, salaries, benefits and pensions and instead they cut services and maintenance.


Don’t you just love how they seem to give all employees raises but they don’t do what we want them to do unless we pass another tax to fix it. Wait until November they will propose tax increases for the children, the environment, the veterans and the roads. But we will never be given the option to lower taxes to reduce millionaire status pensions.

just the facts

Just received an email from the Central Coast Taxpayers Association (CCTA). Its Board of Directors recently voted to oppose the Self-Help County Tax Proposal for several reasons. Suggest interested CCN readers check out the CCTA website and read letter sent to SLOCOG President Jan Marx stating the reasons why!


A small business nation wide income tax strike. Well organized and cemented in place until the governing bodies in this nation begin to cut rather than grow.


Higher pay equals higher tuition and student fees (as well as higher taxes) . Since the federal government has taken over student loans, fees and debt have exploded for students.

That generation is absolutely being crushed by this form of expanding government.

The cost of college education is now exceeding the value. Why would I send my kid to poly at a cost of $150k when I can stake them in a successful franchise for the same amount?


Actually, this is a contraction of government service. My generation, and perhaps yours, enjoyed cheap (heck, it was once free) tuition at the CSUs. This was paid for by tax dollars. The cost has increased, especially since 2008, because of A) cuts in state funding, B) increased spending by universities on facilities, and C) increased spending on administrators. Faculty may or may not be paid too much, but their salaries are flat (declining in recent years) once adjusted for inflation.


Sounds like government logic. They spend more on facilities and administrators and its called a cut? Have taxes gone up or down since 2008 in California? Government is growing ar a break economy pace.

Look at the real tax dollars spent a generation ago for “free tuition” and adjust for inflation and you will see it is a pittance to today’s expenditures.


If you honestly think there is LESS government than 2008, you REALLY should go get checked out. Serious.


Per state controller’s website:

In 2007-2008 Fiscal Year the state spent $11.86B on higher education (11.05% of the budget)

In the 2015-2016 FY, the state spent $14.312B on higher education or 12.33% of total budget.

How is that a cut?



Apparently Cal Poly faculty really are pathetic as evidenced by the level of comments. Not sure you want to be an advertisement for the opposition.

State support for higher education in California has declined and cherry picking statistics won’t change that. For more evidence:

Of course, if one prefers their belief to reality, then reality doesn’t matter so we can all just make up whatever we want.


The graph that shows declining spending is per student. The state spends more money per their own statistics. That’s not cherry picking. That’s reality.

If I have a family of 4 and spend $100k on my family, then I adopt 2 more kids and spend $120k on my family, the spending per kid has gone down from $50k to $20k. Spending has gone up.


Dead thread, but yes, once you adjust it per student and for inflation, state support for education has declined dramatically.

That is a contraction in government with concrete results. Today taxpayers foot around 40% of the typical Cal Poly student’s cost whereas 25 years ago it was closer to 80%. Thus, Cal Poly has increasingly become not just a state system, but a private one funded by alumni like myself, student fees, and tuition.

Where your argument might have more traction is that the money that no longer goes to the CSUs and UCs now goes to the prison system.

“According to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ recently completed Lincoln Project report, between 2008 and 2013 states reduced financial support to top public research universities by close to 30 percent. At the same time, these states increased support of prisons by more than 130 percent. New York City’s budget office reported in 2013 that incarcerating a person in a state prison cost the city roughly $168,000 a year. California apparently does it on the cheap: It costs roughly $64,000 annually for each prisoner—a bit more than the cost of a year at an Ivy League university (average tuition is $50,000) and far more than at the University of California, Berkeley, ($13,000) or at CUNY ($8,000).”

Mr. Holly

I hopet hat part of the contract negotiations will be that the professors at Cal Poly will have to actually now may have to go to work for 40 hrs. a week. I know I’m only dreaming about that. But I guess the good part about this is that maybe we will not have to hear them cry about their jobs for another year or so.


40 hours a week would be nice and maybe 52 weeks a year would also be nice. Somebody needs to do the math. $90,000/year/25 hours per week/180 days per year= $120 per hour (for one of the most non-stressful jobs in existence) By the way this does not factor in the sabbatical that every professor gets where they take of one year of paid work to “refresh” themselves.

Notice that there are very few of these jobs available-I guess that means that everyone must like them because you do not know many people who were former teachers. NO ONE LEAVES!.


Does anybody know what the pay bands are for the various classifications, and the history of raises of the last 10-15 years? I’d really like to know if someone has the info.

I don’t think the percent is as important as the pay, benefit, and salary comparisons to the private workforce.

If there hasn’t been a raise for several years, and then they get 10.5 percent in two years, it isn’t a huge deal.

I stopped donating to Cal Poly since it seems like a lot of money goes into the beautification of the campus, social luxuries, more admin, and less to lab equipment and instruction.


Like you, I’m an alumni and consider donations carefully. This is the best report on the overall CSU finances that I know of:

Yes, they are created by the “union” (faculty),but they also provide a lot of raw data if one’s needs that.

The short version is exactly as you say. Most of the CSUs have gone on a binge of spending for administration and fancy buildings.


The 25th percentile in engineering degrees earns a $54,000 salary, while the 75th percentile in education degrees earns $60,000 a year.

Found that nugget digging through this article, I cannot verify if it is true, but it does seem that way.


Now that I would consider interesting. The basic question I have when considering this issue is whether the CSUs can really compete against the private sector in CA for highly educated experts in engineering, computer sciences, and other fields. It does appear at a national level that technical majors like computer science would be far better off stopping with a bachelors degree and going into industry.,_Computer_Science_(CS)/Salary


This is robbery at the point of a government gun.

Greedy, self-serving government elites are getting richer and richer while the taxpayers are being taxed into poverty..


Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it? Thought so. Shut up and keep working, and don’t ask questions.


Sorry Tweeksbalmer, I strongly disagree here. The taxpayers are taken to the cleaners on the exorbitant salaries of university execs. These people do all of the work for minimal pay. Lecturers are grossly underpaid. This raise was not enough.


As with any form of government pay, the terms overpaid and not paid enough are completely arbitrary because pay has nothing to do with the free markets, rather it is a union negotiated number.

I am paid exactly what I am worth as is everyone in a real profession. If I wish to be paid more, I have to become worth more.


If it doesn’t work in real life …teach… if you can’t teach, lecture, but get on the government gravy train and retire happily on the taxpayers money.


There are a lot of people needing raises given our economy under this present state and federal leadership but they don’t understand, the taxpayers get screwed every time. These raises come from people who can’t afford more money spent in the government sector.

Lets get the private sector rolling and the money will appear even if the elected bozo’s spend it foolishly.