Pedestrian killed in Pismo Beach

April 10, 2016

chalkA 40-year-old man was struck and killed Saturday morning by a car on Highway 101 in Pismo Beach.

Shortly before 3 a.m., the victim was walking in a southbound lane of the highway just north of Oak Park Boulevard when a car driven by a 23-year-old Santa Maria man struck and knocked him onto the pavement. The victim, a homeless man, died at the scene.

The driver told officers he had not seen the man before the accident. Alcohol or excessive speed do not appear to be factors in the collision. No charges were filed.

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Alcohol may not have been a factor in the collision when looking at the driver, but very well could have been a factor with the victim.

Typical druggie homeless behavior. No regard for himself, society, safety, rules or laws.

That, unfortunately, is what you get.

I feel terrible for the driver of the vehicle. It’s not your fault son.

Who is the person giving these comments the “thumb down”? Get a life dude!

Probably because the comments made were the exact same one everybody makes on stories like this. Not really original.

It is sad all around. Sad for the victim obviously, but also quite traumatizing for the driver, who probably didn’t dream a person would be walking in a lane of our only freeway. That area can be quite dark that time of the night.

The driver was the victim here.

Hopefully this can be a learning moment for others: 1) Do NOT walk on a freeway, 2) Do NOT walk on a freeway late at night.

Yes it is a tragedy, but really, walking along the freeway super late at night… there’s reasons why we’re not allowed to walk on freeways. Like train tracks.

The class of people who are drug addicts who have alienated themselves from society and every one who has ever cared about them that we refer to as “homeless” have no regard for laws or common sense for that matter.

A 6 year old has the sense not to walk on the freeway.

May this poor man rest in peace. I hope his loved ones find comfort somehow.