Dick Mason departs KVEC radio

April 26, 2016
Dick Mason

Dick Mason

Morning news anchor Dick Mason stepped down from KVEC radio on Monday, a little more than three months after he began the position.

Mason, a veteran Central Coast news broadcaster, was originally hired by El Dorado Broadcasters last January to replace King Harris in a cost-cutting move. However, the new part-time position did not pay enough, forcing Mason to quit abruptly in order take a better paying, non-broadcasting, job in the county.

Joe Bowman, former morning news co-anchor and producer of “The Dave Congalton Show,” has been tapped to replace Mason and is expected to start in the 6 to 9 a.m. slot on Tuesday.

The move comes amid uncertainty for the oldest radio station in San Luis Obispo County. Industry sources report that KVEC is currently up for sale. El Dorado Broadcasters has already sold off its Santa Maria radio stations and the San Luis Obispo cluster is currently on the market.

“I’m equally stunned and sorry to see Dick leave us,” Dave Congalton said Monday night. “He really put his mark on the morning newscast by beefing up local coverage and even adding sports to the mix. He’s got many fans around the county, but that doesn’t pay the bills. It’s a sad day at KVEC.”

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Forget about it Dick, it’s San Louie…..

Welcome back Joe! Good job today bud! Seamless.

Thank you for standing up to Adam Hill, Mr. Mason. A classic display of a real man. Best of luck to you.


Many of us work during the day and cannot attend the B O S meetings in person (and I don’t think they’re broadcast anymore) so whoever took this video, thank you!!! And thank you Thomas A for posting it.

Thank you, pasoparent5.

Enjoyed Dick during his short time with KVEC.

Wishing him well!

Best wishes to Dick Mason in whatever he does.. Show biz is just that and it’s great that he is willing to take the opportunity, just as the stage owners traditionally would do.

Mr. Congalton: Dick Mason was more than terrible, very glad to see him go. Happy to see Joe Bowman return.

Sorry to hear Dick leave….but I’m also very excited to hear Joe again on air!

The happiest person in the Country today is Adam Hill, who we all know had lobbied to have Dick ran out of local media.

What worries me most is the fate of local talk radio.

As much as I like some of the national hosts…I want local issues discussed and without Dave at KVEC…where would we go?

Agree with Rich in MB. Today Adam Hill adds another notch in his belt! Why do I ‘feel’ there may be more to the reason for Dick Mason leaving KVEC after three months? Anyway, my best to Dick and his future endeavors!

There is no conspiracy here. Dick was being paid next to nothing for what is essentially a part-time job. He thought he could make it work, but he couldn’t. Very sad commentary on the status of local media when true professionals like Dick Mason can’t afford to stay on the job. He got a better offer and, sadly, had to take it.

Dick was too good for KVEC, everyone knows that

Thank you so very much, Dave, for being the last pillar of truth surfing on SLO airwaves. I predict old Adam Hill won’t be around in politics long enough to benefit from one less voice exposing him on the radio. But I suppose that won’t hurt your feelings much. Keep up the great work and Fire Adam Hill.

Granted, there may be no conspiracy here, but judging Adam’s character, I have no doubt, he is gloating, and somehow or another will take credit for Dick’s departure. It’s the nature of the beast.