DUI driver charged with murder

April 17, 2016
Gino Lopez

Gino Lopez

The 21-year-old driver of a car involved in a fatal collision Friday on the Cuesta Grade has been charged with murder. One person died and four were injured in the three car accident.

At about 8:30 p.m., Gino Lopez, 21, was speeding southbound on Highway 101 when he crashed into a tractor-trailer and then the guardrail. Geneva Vanbeurd, 62, of San Luis Obispo then drove his Volvo into the Honda. The impact caused a 16-year-old to be ejected from Lopez’s’s car.

The teen died at the scene.

Lopez was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of manslaughter, murder, DUI and driving on a suspended license. His bail is set at $25,000.

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Driving drunk with no license, kills someone and injures 4 others. Bail is $25k??? So $2500 and hes out?! Each person’s life is only worth $500 to the system??!!


That is the question…WTF is going on.

The answer…folks, it is the soft on Crime Liberals that run this State that view the Criminals as the real victims of white privileged and society.

What’s going on here is bad math!

$25K = $25,000 or $5,000 per person.

Nice try at trolling me SpeakTruth!!

The way bail works is you post 10% of the bail amount plus collateral and you are released. 10% of $25k is $2500, divided by 5 is $500 each.

Maybe you should do a little research, and that’s the truth!!!

I would prefer the term “accident” be replaced with “collision”.

Normally I might say something about how this young, black, male is receiving harsher treatment then most white guys or women, but I have always felt that our drunk driving laws have been too lax, let far too many people off the hook for death and destruction caused by knowingly getting behind the wheel while incapacitated in some form or another- in this case, I say throw the book at him, revoke the bail, keep him in jail until his trial.

I’m not going to blame “the poor, the black, the illegal, poor babies being abuses for their wrong doings …. ” – no, drunk driving laws have been far too lax due to direct influence of the alcoholic beverage industry, period. With alcohol being the preferred, legal means of altering one’s momentary reality, drunk driving cuts across all lines of rich vs. poor, black vs. white, men vs. women, old vs. young; far too many people have killed while intoxicated behind the wheel of a machine traveling at 96 feet per second (65 mph) mistakenly thinking that they “can handle it”. It is time to stop letting people get away with murder; driving while under the influence should be classified as an intentional felony, meaning that any harm, destruction or death that you cause while behind the wheel intoxicated should be viewed by the law as if you were intentional about trying to cause that harm when you decided to get the behind the wheel when you know you shouldn’t have, and the legal system should have the teeth in the laws to go after anyone, EVERYONE who chooses to drive drunk.

Throw the book at this young man, not because he is black, not because he might be poor, not because he could be an undocumented alien- but because he CHOSE to get behind the wheel intoxicated.

I suspect with a last name of Lopez, the young man is Hispanic rather than Black. His race matters not. Nearly 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making it the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

In 2014, alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for 9,967 deaths (31 percent) of overall driving. As you have indicated, the affects of alcohol don’t discriminate…it can affect anyone, anytime it’s consumed. All too often the “unintended” affects are often the most tragic as witnessed in this horrific accident.


And then throw the book at the rich white kids who do the same thing, like the sorry spoiled stoned brat who drove daddy’s bimmer headon into a car on Price Canyon, killing the other driver, and then, because he came from a good family and the DA didn’t want to mess up his life or tick off daddy, got off with 3 years of probation. Indeed, justice in sloco is class/race/ethnicity-biased. And that’s just wrong.

I remember that accident well. The woman killed was a friend of a friend. It was very horrible and sad. When the deceased’s husband went to court to try to get the judge to monitor the kid better during his probation, the judge yelled at him and told him it would never bring his wife back!! All this said while the kid was “traveling through Europe.” That whole thing was sickening.

Why wasn’t that “judge” relieved of his position?

Pathetic apathy.

Tragic for the parents of the 16 year old, and this kid’s family too.

Um yes I am also wondering about the bail? The guy who was just arrested in paso for sales of meth, heroin and possession of paraphernalia was given a $25,500 bail?? Im assuming this county just throws numbers on crimes as they see fit. Laughable at best.

The charge of murder seems kind of excessive and not really applicable to this unless the suspect showed malicous intent to cause injury or death by purposefully striking the semi truck. But what do I know? The law is written one way, and practiced another.

I’ll bet his license suspension is due to wet driving. If so, the chatter is appropriate

Normally murder is $1M in bail. Why not him?

Don’t worry, DA Dow will have him out in no time!

That is what Soft on Crime gets you…Dead Citizens because the Government refused to act to protect us. It happens in all societies in decline.

“because the Government refused to act to protect us”

So the “thought police” did not see this coming? They should have known?

Also seeing as you Rich in MB does not want to pay to have nice things (extra on the ball police) but you want to bitch and blame others for all that is wrong.


Really, you are drunk, driving on a suspended license, kill a minor, harm several other people, put many life’s in danger and your bail is $25,000 which means you can be released on $2,500 and go do more damage to others or escape to Mexico. Great legal system for the innocent which no seems to care about anymore. Everything is focusing on the poor, the black, the illegal, poor babies being abuses for their wrong doings, The hell with the working class, the people working hard to do the right then, who keep forking out more money in taxes for all these idiots! I am sick of it~