Man proposes on Morro Rock, botches the landing

April 8, 2016

CfdTXHjUMAEh4v2A man climbed on top of Morro Rock Thursday morning to digitally propose to his girlfriend. The woman reportedly said “yes,” but emergency crews then had to rescue her fiancé from the rock.

Police have identified the man as Fresno resident Michael John Paul Banks, 27. Banks became stuck on his way down the rock. A CHP helicopter arrived with a Morro Bay firefighter to rescue him around 9 a.m.



Officers cited Banks for misdemeanor trespassing and released him. However, police also arrested him for possession of a controlled substance and being under the influence. [KEYT]

Banks is not in San Luis Obispo County Jail, according to the sheriff’s office website.

After climbing Morro Rock shortly before sunrise, he the Fresno man used FaceTime to propose to hie girlfriend. Though she said yes, she was reportedly unhappy with the stunt.

Banks faces a fine for climbing the rock and must pay for the cost of the rescue, which is about a few thousand dollars. Cal Fire, the Morro Bay, Harbor Patrol and the Coast Guard assisted with the rescue.



That chopper had to maneuver awfully close to that rock, lots of people risked their lives to rescue this moron. Glad it ended well!


She said yes. It’s just beginning for her and likely won’t end well.


Hey…the guy was between a rock and a hard place….


Well, clearly, this guy is NOT this Michael Banks:

Jorge Estrada

She may have said yes but can she afford this guy after he gets the bill?


Just heard on the radio that he was in possession and high on methanphetamines at the time as well.

…”And tell her what she’s won Bob”!…. “A shitty life!”…

Get out while you can girl.


Let’s hope they don’t reproduce, for the progeny’s in line for the Darwin award dad just missed.


I do not see a bright future in this matrimony, nor do I see a genetic advantage to the species.


Dumb, oh yea, but I’ve gotta give him a break, love can make you stupid! In the big scheme of things, glad everyone is fine, great work by emergency personal. The only thing hurt is his pride.


No Mr. Banks… that’s not “the rock ” she hoped for. Me thinks she should reconsider.