Paso Robles man burglarizes grandparents home

April 12, 2016
Jeremy Matthew Sundahl

Jeremy Matthew Sundahl

Paso Robles police arrested a man for stealing thousands of dollars of jewelry from his grandparents home. Officer also arrested a second man for the burglary, and a third suspect remains on the run.

Matthew Sundahl, 27, allegedly burglarized his grandparents home on Sunday evening. The grandparents returned home around 7 p.m. while the burglary was in progress. They told police at least two burglars were inside the house at the time.

Sundahl’s grandparents confronted one of the suspects, 25-year-old Jordan Nogo. They later determined the other suspect inside the house was their grandson.

Sundahl and Nogo fled the home, which is located in the 200 block of Palomino Circle. As they fled, Sundahl’s grandparents observed a license plate number and relayed it to police.

Officers obtained the registration information for the vehicle, a white 2001 Chevrolet Malibu. The car was registered to an owner connected to a Paso Robles home on Pino Way.

Police staked out the home, and eventually the Chevrolet pulled up in the driveway. When officers stopped the car, a man and a woman got out and fled. Sundahl, who was driving the car, was arrested without incident.Jordan A.J. Nogo

Officers searched the area and found Nogo hiding in nearby bushes. Police arrested him, but they did not locate the woman.

Police identified the woman as Michele Marie Chavez, 20. Chavez, like Sundahl and Nogo, is a Paso Robles resident.

Chavez is also wanted by the SLO County Probation Department for a no-bail probation violation warrant.

When officers searched the suspects’ car, they recovered the stolen jewelry. Police returned the jewelry to Sundahl’s grandparents.

Officers charged Sundahl and Nogo with residential burglary, conspiracy, receiving stolen property, elder abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia. Nogo also received a charge of resisting arrest.

Both Sundahl and Nogo remain in San Luis Obispo County Jail with their bail set at $50,000.

Investigators request that anyone with information about the case call the Paso Robles Police Department at (805) 237-6464.

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Criminals who prey on seniors are the lowest form of bottom-feeding scum.

Good job grandma and gramps! Send these tweekers to the slammer to dry out for awhile! Maybe they could start a clean up program for people like this where they have to pick up trash and in return, they get their detox medicine. Punishment and rehabilitation.

I’m voting on drugs. Probably meth or heroin. We need rehabs and to stop the heroin flow.

“stop the heroin flow” Haha, sucker. Heroin is easily available in JAIL and they look in your BUTT. Raise your kids properly and the problem goes away by itself. The grandparents raised a F-up who in turn raised this one. They crapped in their own garden many years ago, probably figured the state would raise their kids just fine.

But he was so cute when he was two and he would climb up on Grandpas lap and give him a hug. There you go…blood is a thin as water.

Good for the grandparents for turning in their grandson, no enabling happening on the part of the grandparents. Good job!

Drugs are a hell of a thing. They’ll make you sell your sell and sell out anyone you ever loved. That’s why there are homeless.

That is total and utter nonsense. Through history, people have sold their souls and sold out people they loved for reasons including money, revenge, spite, entitlement, self preservation, religion, gambling, love and many others. I have seen a woman who was married to a great guy for 50 years end up leaving him and taking everything he owned for a manipulative religious zealot she met online.

If drugs MADE people do this, then 25% of college students (the number that use some form of speed) would be at risk of falling into this behavior. And that’s not even counting the opiate and cocaine markets. Many people do awful and self-interested things, and such people are also more likely to use drugs, and drugs MAY make some people more (or less) prone to do things like this.

Perceiving a correlation as a causal relationships results in a lot of bad policy that makes things worse instead of better.

No relationship is perceived in my comments. The story mentions that “Officers charged Sundahl and Nogo with residential burglary, conspiracy, receiving stolen property, elder abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Pretty easy to conclude that someone who would steal from their grandparents and was caught with drug paraphernalia is stealing from their grandparents to get money to purchase more drugs.

Was he going to sell her jewlery to buy Dodgers tickets or Mother’s day presents? I think not.

Not all drugs do this and not even all users of some drugs do this but drugs like meth greatly increase the odds of this type of behavior happening. While my perception is based on my experience and does not equate to scientific data, I am not going to change my mind on this subject unless you provide contradictory scientific data.

Read the original statement I made “drugs make you sell your sole and sell out anyone who has ever loved you”.

How do you turn that into a quest for scientific evidence? It’s an observation.

A scumbag druggie stole his grandmothers jewelry. Many other scumbag druggies commit crimes in our society every day. Not science. Fact.

Soul, rather.

Addicts of ANYTHING will steal, prostitute themselves, etc. Go to Vegas and talk to some of the homeless, plenty of gambling addicts sleeping in culverts. Addiction is self-imposed slavery.

amen. Except for coffee because it’s still pretty cheap.